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Arma Special Missions Unit OPEN CALL

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Arma Special Missions Unit

Who we are?

We are a small unit, that are attempting to play the game as it is meant to be played. That being said we stick to a counter terrorism model, we hunt, plan and capture fictional terrorist in the Arma 3 universe. We have also in the past played Diplomat protection missions, embassy hostage rescue mission, air plane hijacking rescue, and have participated in an Underway (not really moving but on the water) take down of a yacht. We try and be creative with our missions and instead of relying on large scale battles we prefer to focus on very technical demanding missions. The Unit we are modeled after is Army Based.

12 Jan 14

We are looking to increase the operational size of our unit. To do so we require more support and personnel. This is an open call that will last until March 1st when our official unit activation date is set. We are looking for Pilots capable of simultaneous roof and ground landings, landing under fire, and precision direct action strikes. The Pilots we are looking for will be in charge of standing up an aviation section a battalion of 160th SOAR. Schedules, training and coordination will be up to the pilots, we provide the server, and ts to hone your craft. All that we ask is to be professional(attitude) and be capable. We have ported several ARMA 2 helicopters and we have Chinooks, and traditional Blackhawks. No one will be turned away. This is a chance to create a pure aviation unit.

In addition to standing up a 160TH SOAR Battalion. We are also interesting in standing up an Air Force special Operations Wing. We have 2 members interested in being Para rescue Jumpers. We need to build a unit that will be capable of flying, Fa-18's, AC130, and The rescue Helicopter. Again recruiting, and all unit decision will be the choice of the members within that unit.


You can also contact me through PM on this forum.

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