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editing config.cpp to make rifles start off zoomed in more?

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Im trying to figure out how to edit the config file to make all the scopes (inlcuding iron and arco) be zoomed in right away when right clicking the mouse. That'd be the same zoom as holding right mouse button down.

I expect it has something to do with these values

	class Rifle : RifleCore
	opticsZoomMin = 0.500000;
	opticsZoomMax = 0.500000;
	opticsZoomInit = 0.500000;

I tried changing them and then putting a config.cpp file in an addon directory but it does nothing that i can notice. I have tried reading up on this, but it seems the refernce out there is quite enigmatic or incomplete. this (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgWeapons_Config_Reference) is a start but i cannot find what i need.

Help would be greatly appreicated.

The reason i am trying to do this is that i find the zoom when initially right clicking weapons to be not sufficient . It's almost like youre holding the weapon at arms length and not bringing the weapon up to your eyes which i what is actually supposed to be happening. Yes i know it offers a wider peripheral view but the act of rigth clicking means a player wants to zoom in and target enemies and focus on that target. well, at least that's wht i want when i right mouse click.

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Can't you just change your controls? Like assign your right-click to both Optics and Toggle zoom in?

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