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Developer diary #2: Terrain creation part 2

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In last update we have ended with the rough prototype of the new location. We have shown how the Supertexture in Take on Mars are created and imported in to the game.

Since the source data for this location didn't included any height data it was necessary to sculpt the terrain manually. For this we are using our proprietary tool set called Workbench, which contains standardized terrain displacement editing tools. The height map, created this way, will be utilized later, when creating the fake terrain.


Rough sculpt of terrain with low resolution Supertexture

The low-res Supertexture prototype has shown promising results so it is time proceed with the recoloring of hi-res version. For this we will be editing the gray scale original in the Photoshop. By adding several fill layers with appropriate masking and adjusting the contrast, we will add the desired color to the image. The final image will serve as source for both the Supertexture and material for the fake surround terrain.


Colorizing the Supertexture in Photoshop

The exported height map from game terrain covers only the playable area of location. For the surround terrain will be necessary extend the height map to full area in a way that will ensure seamless transition between game terrain and fake terrain model.


The full Heightmap area, while b eing drawn. The white rectangle represents the original exported from Workbench.

When the full height map is prepared it can be used to create a displacement mesh in the 3D Studio Max and after few adjustments can be exported back in to the game as a static model.


Edit of fake surrounding terrain in 3DS Max, blue mesh represents the original terrain


Finalized fake terrain in game with almost unnoticeable seam between real terrain and fake

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Hello, is there any more work done on this game? Its harder to use compared to arma. I have no idea how to design scenarios, or missions or script anything. Is there a guide?

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