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Operation Safe Strike SP/Co-Op 5

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Hey everyone. This is my first mission created for Arma 3. It is designed to be a Co-op mission with 5 slots, however I don't have a ton of experience and don't know for sure that everything works in MP as it should. I hosted it on my own PC and everything works fine though. It can also be played SP if that's your thing.

For this mission you will need to use some stealth. You do not wan't to be detected in any way until one of your targets arrives. Once he is on the ground feel free to go weapons hot. The mission will END if you are detected beforehand. You may also extract before all objectives are complete if you don't feel you can finish it due to loss of members ect and want to have a more realistic feel over just ending the mission.

There are 3 targets. Target One: Eliminate AAF Officer Acacio. Target Two: Eliminate CSAT Officer Nassir. Target Three: Destroy Weapons loaded into the truck.

There is a slight time limit. CSAT Officer Nassir will board the vehicle with the weapons and leave the area if you aren't fast enough.

I hope you all enjoy my mission. Please feel free to post here or private message me with any questions, criticisms, bugs, ect. Thanks

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mqhcscm6z46j7yu/Operation%2520Safe%2520Strike.Altis.pbo

Armaholic mirror:

- Operation Safe Strike Co-05

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Hey Roe,

the mission seems to be bugged when played in single player. Right after I kit myself out at the house, the "Destroy vehicles" and "Kill Nassir" objectives are listed as failed, and some time into the mission, a long distance away from the airfield, the mission ends because not all objectives have been met. This happens without any radio messages detailing events explaining the fail.

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