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Call set of scripts at random/specified intervals on different marker locations

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Hello community,

I'm playing around in the editor and looking to create something like the hunger games catching fire where you'd get fog at that moment, lightning,... but something more suitable for the armaverse.

I'm basically stuck at the moment.

Say I have the following scripts in my script folder:




Now I want them to be activated at specific intervals on specific locations indicated by markers.

I've found a script that randomizes which script is launched at the start of the mission, but it doesn't sequence them.

So all it does is select for example script02 to begin with but that's it.

I want them to be activated, be it random or specified (script01 then 02 then 03), and then looped.

I'm really dyslexic concerning scripting since I haven't followed any courses or what not.

Also I looked around in the forums but haven't found anything.

Help is greatly appreciated.


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