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Attachto object to backpack

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Inspired by Kerry's ruck in the campaign, I made a custom name tag that uses hidden selections so that player's names can be scripted in. I have tried to use attachto to stick the name tag on rucks but it would not follow the ruck's movements correctly, for example, if the soldier goes prone, the name tag would stay horizontal and not flip facing upwards. It just floats at the designated x,y,z coord and doesn't adapt to any rotational movement of the ruck, or the player.

I have resorted to porting an A2 ruck, and added geometry to the ruck's model directly, to add the name tag and clan patch, seen below.


I would still like to use the tag on A3 rucks though, so attachto would be ideal. Is something like this possible?

My name tag model has named selections "Spine2" and "Spine3" which are both vert painted for animation.

Would really appreciate any help.

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