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Please let me know how you like the difficulty of the mission:  

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  1. 1. Please let me know how you like the difficulty of the mission:

    • Way too easy
    • Just right, took some effort to make it
    • Uber AI made this unplayable

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I've finally taken the time to create the four player coop version of TANGO DOWN.


If you loved the classic Rainbow Six this mission is for you: We have reason to believe that the terrorist group "Brown Thunder" is using the facilities in your target area to develop explosives and prepare suicide missions against us and our allies. Eliminate this threat by destroying enemy vehicles that could be used for bombings and kill any opposing forces.


- 4 player coop cqb mission

- can be played SP as well

- night mission, no fog, no nvg neccessary

- searchlight helicopter at your disposal

- ammobox with a variation of weapons

- lots of custom sounds

- voice acting by the fabulous Laqueesha

- no respawn


- dynamic lighting should be turned on

- enemy AI uses setskill, you might need to try different settings of difficulty to find your sweet spot

- some of the guards might hide or run off, just like in real life

More images:



Put this .pbo into your MPmissions folder and play via play/multiplayer:



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great mission. a lot of fun playing it.

my suggestion is, since the enemy is mostly without vest or armor, why not force the player to use light weapons (eg. SMG, handgun) with only CQC sight/scope. Put only SMG and handguns in the ammobox.

and more lights if possible, remove the NVG. :)

and it seems to be having one bug. few minutes after we gear up in the ammobox, our inventory changed back to the starting gear except the primary weapon. i was using mxc with 7x 6.5mm ammo but it became 7x .45 acp for the vermin smg.

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Hi Ziant,

Thanks a lot for your comments! I feel the lighting situation depends on what system you're running. On my highend computer I can play it easily without NVG, on my laptop I had to add additional dynamic lights and it had an overall more "gradiated" look. I will add some more lights and remove the NVGs as suggested.

No idea about the weapons changing back to the original loadout after a few minutes? Anybody having any idea how to fix this?



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Thanks for this mission, I think you hit the good old Rainbow Six style very well, from the surpressed sounds of shots to the patrols and different approaches that one can use. I played it in SP, lighting was good for me without NVGs and I took out most guards by myself (on Regular difficulty). I even tripwired one of the guards, that was a first for me in all of Arma 2+3. I didn't plant it very cleverly, but eventually lured him in the path of the tripwire. Excellent!

One thing, could you allow for AI to fill the other slots when played in SP ? I had to go in alone and it would have been nice with some backup.

Edit: Never mind, just put it in Missions in stead of MPMissions and now it works in SP with team mates and all

Other than that, great RS style mission with good atmosphere



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Thanks, Old_Painless for your review! Good you managed to play it with the teammates, I did deactivate them for MP because the AI don't like piers and act all stupid, going for a swim etc. However if you place them manually or walk them off the pier it might make sense to use them as well.

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Yeah I noticed when playing the mission in SP, that they wouldn't follow me. Probably the pier and stairs that messes up their pathfinding. Perhaps they could start prone on the pier in stead of on the platform underneath it ? Just a suggestion, no biggie


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