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UAV Greyhawk Broken Still ?

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Hey guys I've done about a week's worth of bug and forum crawling to no avail.

I see many threads and bug reports shutdown from lack of votes !

Here's my problem !

1. Basic editor - Create a UAV Operator

2. Put a Greyhawk UAV down

3. Create a Respawn module on the Greyhawk

4. Take off and crash the Greyhawk

5. UAV Operator can no longer connect to the UAV that has respawned !

Is this a bug ? Cos I'm tired of trying the workarounds that I read on the forums, such as creatingvehicle crew etc.

It seems fairly freakin basic to me ! UAV + UAV OPERATOR should work when respawned or not in the editor !

Thanks in advance for any direction on this one, cos there's been several tickets on this moderators have closed down owing to either

lack of response or timeout and I cannot find the solution that people may have found.



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