now interesting for those who think about trying squeeze most performance -hugePages , this could give you 1-15% performance boost (depending on cpu cache sizes and architecture, memory speeds and latencies etc.) -enableHT, this now properly detects the amount of cores and types of cores (same goes for default w/o any commandline used)   yet, there is interesting 'tidbit, but please do not take it as 'definitive tweaking guide, it needs to be first tested' (and the result may vary vs cpu platforms/generations)   if you have overclocked CPU (let say at minimum 20-25% over the stock value) then instead of -enableHT or -cpuCount=<nativecorecount> try use -cpuCount=<NATIVEcorecount+HTcorecount+1> or -cpuCount=<NATIVEcorecount+HTcorecount+2> so e.g. for 4.5GHz quadcore Intel i7 try -cpuCount=9 or -cpuCount=10   note: you may observe the effect of those Arma 3 startup commandline parameters on 'count' of threads the arma3.exe spawns   feel free to get back to me with some benchmark results comparing default (that means no -enableHT, no -cpuCount=<>) vs just -enableHT vs various -cpuCount= experiments   FIY: -enableHT is off by default (as it was until now) and -hugePages isn't available on linux yet and jemalloc isn't using hugepages yet either (only tbb4)    
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