Hey all, I've made a PvP mission for a few friends and I for a LAN party. BLUFOR needs to extract two hostages (civillians, host1 and host2) back to their base while OPFOR attempts to fight off BLUFOR. If all BLUFOR units die I want OPFOR to get the Mission complete screen and BLUFOR to get the mission failed screen. But if BLUFOR extracts the hostages successfully I want OPFOR to have the Mission Failed screen and BLUFOR to get the mission success screen. Initially, I had a trigger that detected the civilians and once the civilians were detected it would end (The type was End #1) however I figured that this would display mission complete for every unit regardless of what faction they were. I was wondering how to display a mission success and a mission failed for the necessary units. In Arma 2 I remember making what I guess you could call 'properties' for each End type but it's been a long time since I last did that and I cannot remember how to do it at all. Everyone's help is appreciated.