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Armaholic Xmas caption competition

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Today we are proud to announce our Armaholic Xmas caption competition!

Thanks to the support of Nicholas, one of the community members, we are able to give you all a chance to win one of the available game packages or an Arma 3 game when you enter our caption competition.

The prizes are Steam gift versions of the following games:

  1. Arma X: Aniversary Edition
  2. Arma 2 complete collection
  3. Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition

What do you have to do?

  • Use one or more of the images we provide below and add some caption to it. Thats all!
    The caption could be anything, just let your imagination run wild and submit your entry in

this thread.

armaholic_xmas_caption_competition_7_4.jpg armaholic_xmas_caption_competition_6_4.jpg armaholic_xmas_caption_competition_5_4.jpg armaholic_xmas_caption_competition_4_4.jpg armaholic_xmas_caption_competition_3_4.jpg armaholic_xmas_caption_competition_2_4.jpg armaholic_xmas_caption_competition_1_4.jpg


  • You have until 26 december 2013 23:59:59 to submit your entry.
  • Anyone can submit as many entries as he/she wants.
  • Normal forum rules apply.
  • After the competition has closed we (Armaholic staff) will choose 3 winners. Armaholic staff and Armaholic team members are excluded from entering the competition!
  • Winners are simply chosen based on the caption added; if we like the added caption best you will be one of the winners.
  • We will announce the winners as soon as possible after the closing of the competition and you will recieve your Steam gift code from Nicholas.

Additional prizes:

We would also like to announce we have some additional surprise games to give away supported by Jeza. Those prices will be given in any way which we think suits the ongoing competition.

The games which will be made available additionally will be announced at a later date, so make sure to keep an eye on this space!

So if you are up for some free Steam games and can spend a little time to make some funny, interesting, realistic, or what ever other text you can think of caption, make sure to post your entry in this thread.

Do not post any images here in this thread! Those will be ignored and deleted.



was just testing something....


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