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Tactical Battlefield - A PvP Modification

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if JSERE is the only server that will accept you then you have their modset installed and not the official TacBF modset.

Go to our forums to discuss further mate.


TacBF screws up singleplayer by taking away your weapons so I had it disabled and my SP mods enabled when I took that picture. I always look to see if there are any servers going before re enabling TacBF and disabling my SP mods. I finally got to play on an EU server and had a ball, even though there was a lot of rubber banding and died more times than I can count :D

What exactly happens when you enable the wind detection? Do you have to do any more adjustments or is it automatic?

A suggestion, if I may. Members of your immediate squad should have that octagon outline like in vanilla. I couldn't keep with them when a lot of my teammates were around in all the confusion.

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A suggestion, if I may. Members of your immediate squad should have that octagon outline like in vanilla. I couldn't keep with them when a lot of my teammates were around in all the confusion.

I am fairly certain that the octagon will not see day light in TB (but what do I know). You have the squad radar there to help on this issue (which can be adjusted to show all friendly or just squad members). And you can also use the "show names" TB button.

But nevertheless, PvP is confusing, almost always, especially in CQC, but you'll learn by playing. The team that is less confused usually wins.

Dunno about the wind detection, I have yet not used it.

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First off, excellent to see the PvP game type of this caliber so early in A3. Also, as a fan of PR for arma, I am glad to see that the heart of the mod is still strong.

What I see is a lot of EU times and servers. Would you guys be o

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I am fairly certain that the octagon will not see daily light in TB (but what do I know). You have the squad radar there to help on this issue (which can be adjusted to show all friendly or just squad members). And you can also use the "show names" TB button.

But nevertheless, PvP is confusing, almost always, especially in CQC, but you'll learn by playing. The team that is less confused usually wins.

Dunno about the wind detection, I have yet not use it.

Yeah, I understand where they are coming from, but games only give you two senses to utilize: Sight and sound. Having members of your squad have an outline translates the video game world to the real world efficiently. For instance, you KNOW the people in your squad and can identify them in real life just by the back of their head. Not so much in a video game world.

Anyways, hopefully this generates more interest in this mod :D

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Yea m8 :bounce3:

It was not pistol it was marksman rifle who sound like pistol. Sorry, bastard just hide in bush and kill us.

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Yea m8 :bounce3:

It was not pistol it was marksman rifle who sound like pistol. Sorry, bastard just hide in bush and kill us.

"Oh a pistol huh? THIS SHOULD BE EASY!"

Check out 22:32 to hear me get taken out....saw him at the last second :/

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Just want to say, I've been having a lot of fun playing TACBF with guys on the EU server. The missions are fun and complemented well by the mod and it's features. The players are usually all awesome with good teamwork and communication. I hope to see this mod grow in popularity for more (official) servers playing regularly.

Top job!

PS. Sorry again to Dr Eyeball. On saturday, he unwittingly drove over a mine I had just placed. I had even marked it on the map... But on my map, marked in direct chat for whatever reason. Doh! T'was very embarrassing.

Note to self and others; mark minefield before placing mines.

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The new version is out now. Grab it here. If you get the chance come and play with us this weekend. Your valentines date can wait.

Full changelog:

u]TacBF 3.4 Change Log[/u]

  1. FO (forward outpost) changes:
  2. Fixed: When deploying FO, it now checks for sufficient nearby players from entire side, not just squad.
    RP (team/rally point) changes:
  3. Fixed: Various RP/TRP fixes.
    Gear changes:
  4. Changed: Mines: Reduced ranged mines limits from 5 to 3 for regular factions and kept 5 for RES. (Further scaling is required.)
  5. Changed: Mines: Increased non-ranged mines limit from 5 to 7 for RES and 5 for normal factions.
    Voting changes:
  6. Changed: Voting: changed "voting sample" requirement from 65% for yes, down to 33% and from 35% for no, down to 33% too.
    Mines-related changes:
  7. Added: Automatic side specific mine markers. Red means range activated APERS or tripwire. Orange means manually triggered or AT mine (safe to walk over).
  8. Added: Mine detection blip sound, when carrying mine detector.
    • Detects up to 10m. > 7m 1 blip, > 4m 2 blips, < 4m 3 blips.
    • Your facing direction can alter the detection radius by up to 3m, sometimes allowing you to try to hone in on the direction.
    • There is no difference if multiple mines detected.
    • Regularity of blips is dependent on client performance.

S&D Game Mode changes - Contestable FB:

Contestable FB''s is a large change. The full details will need to be outlined in a separate topic in the coming week.

[*] Added: Mad Rabbit has introduced a new separate type of Contestable FB. These will be added to missions soon.

Contestable FB are contestable (can capture) and spawnable, but have spawn blocking.

[*] Added: BLUFOR FB ownership results in gradual Intel gathering. RES FB ownership results in BLUFOR ticket bleed.

[*] Changed: Scaled intel gathering rate by number of Contestable FB''s held.

[*] Added: Scoreboard: Added field for "Intel rate: n/hour" on scoreboard

[*] Added: Map/Legend: The Contestable FB will usually have an attack or defend marker on it.

[*] Changed: Contestable FB support asymmetrical zone shapes (ellipse/rectangle)

[*] Added: New FB type 'SPAWN_CONTESTEDFB' created

Contested FBs RULES:

  • can be SPAWN_NEVER (no spawning) or SPAWN_CONTESTEDFB (spawnable) zone types
  • shape can be asymmetric (as with all zones now)
  • SPAWN_CONTESTED zone requires 100% capture to allow spawning and will report in white text "capture incomplete" if <100%
  • 2 enemy in SPAWN_CONTESTEDFB zone = block spawning of side that owns zone even if capture level 100%
  • RES never able to spawn on contested FB in S&D gamemode, even if zone 100% captured
  • Hostile spawn blocking SPAWN_CONTESTEDFB zones:
    • 2 enemy in zone will show "enemy occupied area (blocked)" reported in red text in respawn/deployment dialog
    • 1 enemy in zone will show "hostiles nearby" reported in solid white text in respawn/deployment dialog

Scoring/ROE changes:

[*] Various scoring and ROE related changes. Various score points changed.

[*] Added: Scoring: Added zone capture external defenders score. i.e. anyone within 30m outside of zone circle.

[*] Added: ROE: added short reason to ROE screen messages, to help you decide if viewing the ROE dialog is needed. Eg: 'Team killed' vs 'Destroyed vehicle'.

[*] Added: Scoring: non-kill scores can now be shown on messages with: work score reason and value.

  • It has to be enabled via menu: "Configuration->More->Enable scoring messages".
  • This is a trial. This might help us tweak the scores to more suitable values, identify missing scoring, identify scoring exploits, plus indicate work accomplishment during game.
  • The full list can be viewed via "Configuration->More->View Score History".

[*] Changed: Scoring: limit work score subtractions to minimum total work score of -5. Similar to "starting again", rather being impossible to recover from.

"Request" Menu related changes:

[*] Changed: All of your request markers will be removed if you die before it times out.

[*] Fixed: "Request->Fire Support" menu was always disabled. (Fixed map click pos problem.)

[*] Changed: Request->Medic->"First Aid (incapacitated)" menu option, which is only available when you are incapacitated and require the medic to come to you.

So now, "Medic, treat me" is the lighter version where you are still mobile, but need some form of treatment from a medic.

[*] Changed: Request->Medic: Hints added to all Request Medic menu options, to explain their purpose.

[*] Changed: Request->Medic: "Self" options ["First Aid (incapacitated)", "Medic, treat me", "Medic Supplies"] will now have the marker track your position.

"Spot" Menu related changes:

[*] Changed: Request: All 'request' markers will disappear when originating person dies.

[*] Changed: Spot: Replaced old Spot group chat message with (Message List) message instead and is visible to entire side rather than just group.

[*] Changed: Spot: Replaced old Spot marker text, which was huge, with small text. Marker duration is still 120sec and text duration is now the same, instead hiding at 60sec.

[*] Changed: Spot: Removed "Spot->Report to Commander" menu option. Recent "Spot" changes result in same result.

[*] Added: Spot: "Spot->Unidentified person", since using civilian/infantry can otherwise be misleading.

General changes/fixes:

[*] (major) Added: Added Galzohar''s @galz_wind_ballistics addon. VTS addon can now be removed from server side.

[*] Changed: Keys: TMR Rest Weapon now has separate configurable key: User Action 4. This key is also used by Carry drop option.

[*] Changed: Vehicles: Ammo: MG only helicopters now start off already armed. (similar to Offroads, Jeeps, etc)

Static Mounted Weapon (MW) changes:

[*] Added: portable mounted weapon ammo backpacks: added 5 types for 3 faction types.

[*] Added: Rearm: rearm MW now detects and supports MW ammo backpacks. The backpack must be on the ground, not worn.

Edit: bug found: OPFOR & RES mortar ammo backpacks are not being detected.

[*] Added: RES MW Supply, that has: [MG, AT and AA] but no Mortar.

[*] Fixed: All MW Supplies now have construction supplies. Some were missing.

Drag and Carry changes:

[*] (major) Added: Carry: Adanteh created a new Carry system.

  • Note: It currently uses the same key as RestWeapon to drop an object, which is now configurable.

[*] Changed: Drag: Drag option removed for most cases now, in favour of new Carry option.

[*] Added: Drag: Added "Upright (mounted weapon)" menu option to "Move object" menu.

HUD/UI/Menu changes:

[*] Fixed: A3 Scrollbars: Fixed scrollbars issue with new A3 class ListScrollBar.

[*] Added: Added A3 help hints/tips for TB Keys/Controls & Squad Management at start of mission.

[*] Added: Keys: Ctrl+X will now show Keys help hint any time during game.

Task Force Radio Compatibility:

[*] Added: Mad Rabbit added TaskForceRadio support.

[*] Added: Inititialise with 'tf_no_auto_long_range_radio = true' and 'tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side = true'.

(based on feedback from ClanVikingos)

[*] Added: Long range backpack radios made available to Rifleman, Medic and SL roles

  • RT-1523G (ASIP) for BLUFOR, MR3000 for OPFOR + RES
  • Rifleman = surrogate radio operator, Medic = surrogate FTL, SL = for after RP deployed
  • Temporary role assignment, requires further discussion = possibly new role creation and/or RP conversion to non-backpack item
  • Vehicles have their own radios, so Crewman and Pilot roles should be covered

Mission making changes - editor vehicles:

[*] Added: RES Zamak trucks with civilian colours (red chassis + blue tarp)

[*] Changed: Removed PiP thermal from Oshkosh MRAP

[*] Added: BLUFOR Wildcat texture

[*] Added: BLUFOR classes for all INDEP vehicles

Mission making changes - variables and settings: (via mission tb_settings.cpp or object Inititialisation field)

[*] Fixed: Missions: RP''s: Team RP tickets and/or timer variable set by mission maker, should now override default values

[*] Added: 2 new mission design settings:

  • _maxBlueTicketLossRatePerHour = [["gameModes", "SAD", "contestableForwardBases"], "maxTicketLossRatePerHour", 60]
  • _maxIntelGatheringRatePerHour = [["gameModes", "SAD", "contestableForwardBases"], "maxIntelGatheringRatePerHour", 30]

[*] Added: Missions: S&D: Tickets: Attackers tickets and Defenders caches can now be set via the mission to better suit each mission.

Code changes:

[*] Fixed: Various script error messages.

[*] Added: Added garbage collector for dropped ground items. Cleans up found items after 2 minutes.

[*] Fixed: End game: Respawn dialog would sometimes appear after game had ended, if you died during final minute.

Big thanks to Mad Rabbit and Adanteh for their many changes for this build, many of which are not listed here.

(Last v3.3 change log here.)

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A "quick fix" build v3.5 was required to yesterday's v3.4 release.

The download and change log details are available on www.tacticalbattlefield.net.

When mission start I always got a "!Greenerror:", then after a few seconds, mission completed. Dunno why?

If you're designing your own mission, you likely have some sort of problem with the mission settings or related files. Check the RPT log file for more information.

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New update v3.5 available at withSIX. Download now by clicking:


@ TacBF team:

Soon you will be able to manage the promo pages of your content on our web platform and publish new content yourself.

To do so, please hit 'this is me' button on the page while logged in and you will get connected to your work.

For now you can send new content or releases our way through withsix.wetransfer.com or add your notification at getsatisfaction.withsix.com.

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Thanks for the update kju!

Great to PwS becoming a true gateway for all thing ArmA.

I've 'claimed' the authorship of TacBF for PS with the understanding that we can have multiple authors.

If this is not possible, please let us know as I would prefer to relinquish authorship to Dr. Eyeball and/or Hurtz (who has been coordinating with PwS for the TacBF updates).

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Thanks mad rabbit :)

In the near future there will be groups one can assign the ownership to. Everyone in that group can manage the mod then.

Groups will also have permissions to restrict the different layers of control if needed.

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Thanks for sending us the release! :cool:

New version frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account (Dr_Eyeball) on Armaholic.

This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

** Note: since this is a project on which more people are working we will contact you in the future to discuss how you want this to be setup on Armaholic.

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Thanks Foxhound :), that sounds great Kju, can't wait as this will allow for a bit of extra maneuverability as a team.

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Developer Update #002


Hey everyone,

Another developer update for those who are following us, we have been working quite hard over the last few weeks taking suggestions and also reviewing our current task list, we all feel that TacBF is coming a long way and its because of you the community who are constantly providing feedback and bug reports.

We need to keep this up even if we are still finding it hard to populate the servers all the time, but remember for where there is a low time there will be a high time so keep playing and you will find that things will get better, part of this is down to how you help out your community members such as answering questions or training them on how to use weapons.

Also remember that every TacBF video you "like" on youtube the more viewers get to see it, so ensure that you press that like button whenever you can, the more likes and subscribes not only helps those who are supporting us through media it also helps TacBF.

We will also soon have a main page for TacBF which is taking fruition, bit by bit we are getting to the standard that we all want in TacBF, and soon we will be at that stage where everyone can be happy from the ability to read the latest news to the implementation of your favorite mods!

Furthermore ensure that you get involved with the latest community discussions from Improvement of user-friendliness of logistics to the Tweaking Last Flag Capture Rule, remember that you can improve your Tactical Battlefield Experience with TacBuddy by Mayr or help us out by Voting on ArmA3 Issues and help us translate from English into your own language TacBF Language Localisation - Help Requested.

Finally if you haven't done so already then please read this guide which helps you understand the important parts of TacBF to get accustomed to TacBF Quick Start Guide by Adanteh


EU1 Server Upgrade:

The EU1 server upgrade was successful. We were able to significantly improve performance with the new hardware. We did tests with 60 players and the server performed flawlessly. We then upped the max player limit to 80 and we had some challenges. The server still performed a lot better then the old server @ 80 players but we did have some people with lower end PC's complaining of performance issues. This more than likely is client side issue with the high player count however the server fps did drop quite a bit. Desync @ 80 players didn't seem that bad however the scripts seem to be lagging behind a bit. In the interim we have dropped the max player count to 74 players but we have not tested @ full load yet. Next event maybe we'll get a better idea on how 74 works.

Official Server Expansion:

We have recently expanded our Official Servers to North America, Thanks to Gunther and the 4SFG for offering to host an official server in the USA. Early indicators are that this will expand the actually playing time so that North American players have a decent amount of players during primetime. So let your American and Canadians buddies know and lets get the US#1 server hopping.


The last couple of events were very successful. We had some issues but we'll work them out. These events will get better with time and will be more organized but right now their main purpose is to get the high player numbers together for a semi-organized event. Remember if you sign up and the server is full you can come on TS and find an admin an they will kick a random player who is not on the sign up list. We will resume event in the near future and are looking forward to having a North American based event on the US#1 server soon.

Note that our main teamspeak server failed and we are looking into possibly moving it to another provider so for now use our backup TS3


We welcome any donations toward the TacBF EU1 server. If you can please make a donation here. Every little bit helps and we appreciate all those who donate. All donators also get a reserved slot on the server regardless of if you sign up for an event or not.


It's been 1 month since our last update and the team has been really busy at work as you will see in this update. Here's what I've been focusing on:

PAST - Team RPs

Team RPs which were introduced in TacBF v3.3 following an idea by Eyeball to allow players to "get into the action quicker" following battle preparation, if a mission makers' design allowed for their placement. They are a respawn/deployment location that although can be used by the whole team (much like a HO) they are limited in both the associated tickets available for each use, and the time at from the start of the mission from which it is available. For these reasons, they can currently only be placed by a mission maker.

I took over their implementation in conjunction with the 'Abandon RP' option, which brought about some minor bugs that although were not noticeable during normal gameplay, needed to be fixed ...especially as I was the one who introduced them in the first place. However with the arrival of TacBF v3.4, mission makers should now be able to not only place Team RPs in their mission, but also specify the tickets and timer they wish associated with their placement. Now that their implementation is complete, I plan on writing a guide on their usage which you should be able to find here in the future: Team RPs - Instructions on usage


From Janruary to February, I tried to move away from the coding for a bit to focus half my time on the mission making, especially given the need for more medium missions within the S&D gamemode. One key problem that we identified as a team with the S&D gamemode based on valuable feedback from the community was the need for more conflict, or at the very least 'things to do'.

Cache Fortifications

On the latter point, gameplay during previous interations of this mod involved the construction of fortifications around cache locations as demonstrated in

. From the perspective of the resistance players in S&D gamemode, the construction of these fortifications was a 'tactical gamble' as whilst it allowed for better defence against BLUFOR and even the creation of kill-zones, it also advertised the location of an unidentified cache building to BLUFOR ...sometimes prematurely. The positive and negative impacts of these fortifications on gameplay can (and are) still debated. Regardless, recent fixes by myself and Eyeball for TacBF v3.5 should ensure that the construction supplies necessary to create these fortifications are now available from any type of mounted weapon supply for any faction. I've also included proper civilian coloured Zamak trucks for the resistance side to ferry these supplies now as needed. It will be interesting to see if this tactic gets reintroduced into S&D gameplay, especially with excellent current and future updates to the logistics system by Adanteh.

Contested FBs

In regards to 'increasing the conflict' during S&D gamemode, I have been working with Eyeball on the re-introduction of 'contested FBs'. I say re-introduction, because this was a concept by wormeaten and Eyeball was already partially implemented during previous iterations of this mod. Within the S&D gamemode, a contested FB (CFB) is a zone that when held by BLUFOR, rewards them with a slow gathering of intel to aid in the eventual cache location reveal. BLUFOR will still be requried to search resistance players for a map and also reads this map for the final reveal i.e. they can't just hide behind their walls. Conversely, if this CFB is held by the resistance, then BLUFOR will bleed tickets creating an asset that BLUFOR needs to win back in addition to find caches. Other rules associated with a CFB, expanded from the TacBF v3.4 changelog:

Contested FBs:

  • can be spawnable or not spawnable (the latter being identical to an objective in AAS/AAd gamemodes)
  • shape can be asymmetric (as with all zones now) to suit a more defensible FB strucuture
  • spawnable CFBs require 100% capture to allow spawning
  • 2 enemy in a spawnable CFB = block spawning of side that owns zone even if capture level 100%
  • RES never able to spawn on CFBs in S&D gamemode, even if zone 100% captured

Given these rules, mission makers of utilising CFBs, particularly the spawnable types, will need to ensure these areas don't just 'look like' bases but can also withstand a PvP attack.

Contested FBs & Upcoming mission 'TB S&D[M-40]: Isolation r10 (Altis)'

To demonstrate what I mean by this, the following is a before and after screenshot of 'Isolation' S&D mission I have been developing for the last 2 weeks. Note the perimeter consists of an inner ring of HESCOS+forts surrounded by an outer wire fence ring (which can faintly be seen), with one entrance to the north:


We've introduced A&S style attack/defend markers onto these CFBs in S&D gamemode, which will become more distinct in subsequent updates, to guide the combat. The implementation of CFBs has required an update to the zone border handling to ensure that odd CFBs layouts can be approximately matched to the inner perimeter of that CFB. The benefit of this update has meant that asymmetric zones should now be possible in all (A&D, A&S, S&D) gamemodes, but we would ask that mission makers still try and keep layouts simple as much as possible for the players.

Task Force Radio Compatibility

A frequently requested feature from unofficial TacBF servers, particularly those with co-op 'roots', has been the integration of Task Force Radio (TFR) into TacBF. I personally really liked ACRE-style communications back in ArmA2 and as a result, I have decided to head-up the TFR integration for TacBF. With the help of 'super-admin' Hurtz on the DEV TacBF servers we have been testing-out TFR, identifying it's strengths and flaws, compatibility issues and determining the first steps to allow unofficial server 'optional compatibility'. We've also recieved some excellent TFR advice from our Spanish TacBF brothers-in-arms at Clan Vikingos in regards useful TFR global variables to auto-load for TacBF-style gameplay.

With the help of Eyeball for the TFR addon-usage detection, I've included these TFR global variables and added the long-range backpack radios [RT-1523G (ASIP) for BLUFOR, MR3000 for OPFOR + RES] to the rifleman, medic and SL roles. I choose these roles because: Rifleman = surrogate radio operator, Medic = surrogate FTL, SL = for after RP deployment. In regards to the conflict that an SL has to face in regards to choosing between an RP pack or a TFR long-range backpack radio, we're discussing internally whether to make the squad RP (and HOs) a non-backpack item, but we'd be interested to hear the communities thoughts. In addition, upcoming changes by Eyeball to allow for the definition of novel roles by the mission maker should also allow the creation of a 'Radio Operator' role.

One final note on TFR to be clear:

The current goal was to ensure TFR compatibility for unofficial server usage due to TacBF's handling of kit restrictions. Current compatibility is a first step to full 'optional integration'. Optional in the sense that we make it easier for you to use TFR with TacBF if you choose to use TFR with your unofficial server. However the use of TFR as an official addon with TacBF, and possibly enforced usage, is a separate issue that we need to discuss internally as a team first.

FUTURE - mad rabbit's focus

  • I'm going to 'try' and back away from the coding again to focus on completing my two new medium and small S&D missions 'Isolation' and 'Anchorage', which will contain contested FBs (CFBS) as discussed earlier. These will of course be subject to approval by the team ...yes even we go through a review period, especially for a potentially controversial feature such as CFBs.
  • I've also have been working on a video recorded during TacBF v3.1 S&D gameplay on 'Oppression' with some added information that hopefully upcoming SLs will find informative.
  • I'm going to start making a mission on Shapur with A3MP and the Aggressor pack. At the most, this will bring back some of the true 'desert insurgent' feel that we all crave. At the least, it will be a sample mission for others to see how to adapt other addons and islands to TacBF following Eyeball's current and future customization options.
  • I'll be helping Gearz to make practice/training mission for new and veteran players alike to test out different tactics, theories, ranges etc. Gearz has already included a basic hint system to train new players (on-top of the excellent one that Eyeball has recently integrated for TacBF v3.4) but I'll be focusing on the invulnerability, target ranges and of course ...including lot's of 'toys'.
  • I'll also be helping Gearz on language localisation i.e. translation of the in-game dialogs, help screens, hint etc. with the aid of members from the TacBF community as discussed here
  • I'll be looking at ways to improve the optional compatibility of TFR with TacBF, including listing of SL and FTL frequencies within the squad management menu. We've also had some discussions within the team about TFR not only in terms of ideas for optional integration but also gameplay possibilities ...again all optional i.e. not official. However as always, we'd be interested in the communities thoughts.

mad rabbit

Hello everyone,

Cargo System

As you might have noticed by now I've been focusing on making the mod a bit less Tactical Cratefield and a bit more intuitive. The goal was to make everything a bit smoother, easier to handle and mostly quicker. Not so much quicker in the way of instant arming / loading, but quicker in the way of not having to wait for scripts. This is just the first implementation and it will be expanded on in the (near) future. You can think of things like repairing vehicles, attaching objects like slingloads and chances are most of this will also be used for changes in the construction system, so hopefully we can build some shiny Sandcastles in the future. For now there are no plans to remove the crates / arming of vehicles itself.

Keep in mind that this is all a learning process for me, so my progress is pretty slow. I'm also messing around to see what's possible. One example of this is using the ArmA modules in the editor to set up missions, which should help mission makers out. Another example is general config work, such as possible changes in the armor of vehicles (And tires) to make everything a bit less

and more proper fun.


Hey everyone,

I recently joined the TacBF team and i hope to be as helpful possible. Iv'e taken up the challenge of implementing language localisation into TacBF, this will be a long term goal because of the vast amount of phrases that need to be translated. Were trying to have TacBF work with as many languages as possible so if you're interested in helping translate you can apply here.

I'm also looking into a Installer for TacBF, if you have any suggestions or experience in this area feel free to comment here. Finally I've started working on a tutorial system which i plan to propose to the rest of the TacBf team in the near future.


The following outlines some of the scripting changes that will occur in the upcoming releases.

Faction support and upcoming complete kit support via missions: (this is currently in development)

  1. The full redefinition of the kit gear and loadouts (already possible since v3.3)
    • Provide common full redefinition files (inside the mod) for common cases. (eg: skirmish, urban, rural, heavy vehicle, diving, day/night/weather, etc)

[*] Keep the default gear and loadouts, but just apply adjustments in the form of isolated exclusions and inclusions.

  • Provide common gear adjustment files (inside the mod) for common cases.

[*] Allow for multiple gear adjustments (per side) using common switchable settings, without specifying exact gear types. (eg: no NVG's for RES, only mid-range scopes for BLU, only iron sights for RES rifleman, no AA for OPF, no mortars, or similar)

[*] Allow kit allocations ratios to be defined (eg: 1 in 15 players can have AA role, with a min of 1 always)

  • With suitable values, you could also simulate roles to be hidden by making them useless or never achievable. (eg: 1 in 500 players, min 0)

[*] Allow specific roles to be hidden (this is difficult and may take some time)

[*] Allow new roles to be defined (this is difficult and may take some time)

[*] Provide config settings for all gear item count limits (eg: 3 AP Mines)

S&D game mode changes:

We are working on altering the ticket scoring system in S&D to work more on a cache by cache basis, rather than providing all tickets at the start of the mission. This should prevent the missions dragging out on individual caches, due to the NATO team not achieving their objectives in a timely manner.

There are also various smaller improvements to this game mode planned for the release after next.

The following outlines some of the addon support that will occur in the upcoming releases.

TacBF status with using terrain addons.

  • We are reviewing the inclusion of A3MP (map pack).
  • We are considering the review of other terrain addons too.
  • We are monitoring and considering the review of AiA (standalone) when it becomes available.

TacBF status with other addons.

Delayed until next time, due to other work.

TacBF mission design assistance and instructions.

We are currently working on writing up various instructional posts on how to set up specific features in a mission and the various options of each feature. As each post is completed, it will be moved to the Mission Creation forum. It may take a week for each topic, due to all the other work.

TacBF making future beta builds public.

The plan is to release future beta builds to the public, along with the change log for that build. This is important for new features to be tested plus to gain some feedback on any problems or changes required, before final release.

Dr. Eyeball

Final Message

So as you can see we have been busy bees since the last update, this one being a bit late wasn't intended but we still have a long way to go, overall the team is looking for new members to come join us in the good fight.

I will be putting up a proper post for this soon so please keep and eye out if you are interested.

To wrap up this update I would like to remind you to all seed the servers, it is difficult I agree when you jump on and theres only yourself to play with, but with patience comes the prevalence of players.

And to leave you on a good note I would like to show you this video made by a passionate player l337acc.


Good Hunting.

TacBF Team

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sorry if I'm repeating something that's been said in this thread, but are there any plans to replace vanilla Arma 3 weapons for this mod?

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We do not plan on recreating the weapons ourselves but will be using Maps, factions, assets and weapons from AIA and the community upgrade project and other large community made content.

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