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Help Help server altis life no connect

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Hello everyone wanted to know if anyone has had this problem can help me decide whether and missed something or I get the errors listed at the end of post

excuse my English mistranslated

and installed a altis servidro windows machine in my life and created a clean server arma3

1st step download all necessary files to the server and all went up to the root folder on the server .

2nd edit with the mission editor arma3 multiplayer and multiplayer save and went up to MPMission server

3rd ise a database with the permissions listed above in the tutorial


4th database.txt I added in my database so



# This is a comment

# Any line starting with a "# " is Considered a comment

# Make sure each of your database connections does not have a "#" in front!

# Put each database connection you want on a separate line

# The databasename MUST be unique!

# For an example, see the Following

# databasetype , databasename , ipaddress , port , username , password


# mysql , gun,,3306 , armausername , secret

# sqlite, weaponslite

# mysql , weapons,,3306 , gun, 123

mysql, arma3life , 188.165.xxx.xxx , 3306 , myuser , mypassword

sqlite , weapons


I went up to my database using phpmyadmin and downloaded the file named by files ( arma3life.sql ) server after upload to my database gave me two tables and Vehicles customers

after this run the file called ( Arma2NetExplorer.exe ) in my remote desktop and gave a load addin

finally put in my command line server -mod = @ life_server ; @ Arma2NET

and connect to the server, the altis selecione map and Civil selecione life and a message telling me I miss this message with black screen

( Contacting Server for player information ..)

esque this problem never disappears

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