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How to make IA Armor and Helicopters realy dangerous for infantry

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Since A2, I'm always baffled by the way infantry can freely move around armor and helicopters, with almost no action taken by said armor and Helicopters.

In A3, situation in as bad as ever, actualy, vehicles seem absolutely unable to spot an infantry squad at 500m in the open even when set at 100% skill. Unless you actualy shoot at them, you're completely safe. this make infiltration missions pretty ridiculous, as there's almost nothing to fear from those vehicles which considering they have advanced Thermal Sights, shouls be nearly impossible to pass by undetected.

Not to mention that they generaly don't shoot at the infantry with their main guns from a safe distance, but instead love to run at the infantry to get conveniently in range for RPGs.

If anyone has solutions to make these armor and helicopters a real threat for infantry, instead of simply being very nice looking targets, i'd be glad to hear them :)

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