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Handsignals Command System

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I converting existing missions use his manual, and cannot walk over point 1.

1) Copy the contents of the _template folder into your mission folder

Copy everything from the hs_template folder into your mission folder, EXCEPT for the mission.sqm. If you already have a description.ext, then just copy the lines from the template's description.ext into your's. If you already have an init.sqs, then copy the contents of the template's init.sqs to the TOP of your init.sqs.

And when i copy lines from the template`s description.ext what is :

//include HS dialogs

#include <GENB_HS_core\dialogs.h>

class RscTitles


//include HS resources

#include <GENB_HS_core\resources.h>


i got error when i try to load mission in editor - ...\descriptions.ext.RscTitles: Member already defined.

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Ok i get it. There was already RscTitles so i just connect this two.


I screw something becouse i still can use Bis Command System with Handsignals Command System (Ai do only bis orders). Any ideas? :help:

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