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MP-TvT Command and Control New Sector Control Gamemode

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What is Command and Control.

Command and Control is a Sector Control Team vs Team deathmatch. Your team gets points by capturing the objectives. The standard winning score is 1500 points. There are 3 objectives in each match. Two side objectives which each give your team 3 points per 5 seconds. The main objective gives your team 5 points per every 5 seconds. Attacking and Defending the objectives, and killing enemys earn your player XP. Which is used to unlock air vehicles and different loadouts for your player. Each rank unlocks a new loadout for your player to use on the battlefield. Once you reach Captain you are allowed to pilot Helicopter and Jets. Your XP will be saved to the server database every 90 seconds. The current ranks and xp requirments are as follows:

Private = 0

Corporal = 100

Sergeant = 300

Lieutenant = 600

Captain = 1250

Major = 2500

Colonel = 5000

We currently have 3 levels = Pyrgos, PowerPlant, and Rodopoli. We are working everyday to better the mission and to release new levels. Once we get a good player base and around 10 levels we will be releasing the mission to the public via Armaholic. We are currently using a modified Digital Weapons Script from by Iceman77 @ http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23384 and PVPFW - Object Cleanup Script by Conroy @ http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23604 and inidb from SicSemperTyrannis @ http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?150293-iniDB-Save-and-Load-data-to-the-server-or-your-local-computer-without-databases!

Come check out this new gamemode. Always looking for great players to join in on the fun. Filter OFFGaming or Command and Control to find it in you MP Browser. Jump in TS and give me you suggestions on how to make this a better gamemode. I'll keep this thread up to date with the current change log.

Any bugs found can be reported here http://offgaming.us/forums/viewforum.php?f=16

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Looking forward to a public release in the near future :)

Command and Control Changelog v0.1
*	Fixed mortar sectors dominance issue
*	Fixed mortar sectors points
* 	Rewrote the XP requirements for all of the Ranks
*	Fixed - Put Civilian Vehicles in the levels
*	Fixed - Give Mortars more shells on reCapture
*	Fixed -	Put in hints about score limit and flagpoles
*	Fixed -	Change the deserted vehicle distance
*	Fixed -	Get Database working with XP
*	Fixed - Give players points for killing
*	Fixed - Rewrote the missions sqfs to make it easier to change rank req and max score
*	Fixed -	Added hint for Server save

*	Added - PowerPlant level
*	Added - Pyrgos Level

Known Bugs
-	Fix Halo Jumps killing Players  			Disabled Halo for now
-	Vehicles Respawning Bugs					Waiting for the Module to be fixed	

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You really gotta give more information on this if you want to build up interest.

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Thanks DNK. I was on my IPad when I threw up the first post and kinda forgot to update it lol.

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