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Gist Hunter

Op No Deal Issue

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I was having an issue with Operation No Deal, I'd finished Tempest and was at a loss as to how to process as Op No Deal was still locked.

I read this post by Ale

"If you experience any problem with Arma Tactics, this is the place to report it. When you do please make sure that you have the most recent game version installed (see Announcements section for current version)

state your device's make and model describe when / how often this problem happens state whether this problem happened after you've started a new game or after you restored a save session by pressing Continue button

We will do our best to solve your problem asap.


So I posted in Troubleshooting forum, and while looking around in case the answer was already out there I saw this

"You're always welcome to PM/Email me if something needs my attention (or needs me to poke a colleague):



So I send Placebo an email detailing my problem, and received this,

"I'm not here to provide technical support.


Possibly the most unhelpful, ignorant response I've ever had from an admin on a forum --- if you need tips on how to conduct yourself whilst running a forum, check out http://forum.breachandclear.com/ admined by The Praetorian. (it's not me by the way it's just a pro run forum)



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Possibly the most unhelpful

As I pointed you in the correct direction to receive support my response wasn't unhelpful.

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