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A mission to check and debug CfgWorld "CityCenter" names.

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I did this mission up a while ago to check "CityCenter" networks. "CityCenter" locations are defined in Names under a CfgWorlds, and although they aren't visible, they are used by modules, scripts and dynamic missions (like ambient civilians, warfare and a few of the popular dynamic missions). They are defined like this:

class ACityC_Calamar { 
 name = ""; 
 position[] = {3688, 1288}; 
 type = "CityCenter"; 
 neighbors[] = {"ACityC_Falco", "ACityC_Lagosa", "ACityC_Drassen"}; 
 demography[] = {"CIV_LGR", 1, "CIV_RU", 0}; 
 radiusA = 480; 
 radiusB = 480; 
 angle = 0; 

You can display them on a map by running:

"" call bis_fnc_locations;

But this missions has a few improvements and flags more errors than the built in one.

To use it you just rename the mission folder (to end with your worldName) and stick it into your missions directory. Hitting "Preview" and then opening the map will show you something like:


The config name of the location (and the position) are shown with red markers. The gray ellipse shows the "radiusA" and "radiusB" properties. The green lines need a little explanation.

CityCenters are linked by the "neighbors" property that is an array of cities that are directly connected (usually with no cities in between) by usable roads. In BIS maps, city neighbors make up a network that covers most of the notable cities and towns over the entire map. City neighbors are reflexive in BIS maps; e.g. if town A has town B in its list of neighbors, town A should be in the list of neighbors of town B. If this is the case the link between the cities is shown in green. Otherwise it shows up as red, and the "neighbor" array of the cities should be updated.

The mission also complains if an undefined city name is referenced (which is an error that Chernarus has).

The mission can be downloaded from here.

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