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das attorney

FSM Editor fixes/upgrades!

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Hello BIS,

Can you please upgrade the FSM editor as per Ruebe's detailed post here:


In a nutshell:

1 - Too many lines of code in a state means the FSM editor can't open up the FSM anymore.

2 - Fonts and custom colours can't be saved

3 - On refocus, the code window always resets up to the top.


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I also used to start a same complaint in this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?144423-Large-file-being-written-in-a-single-state-in-fsm-editor-cannot-be-read&p=2273532&viewfull=1#post2273532

Still can't make sure if the code size limitation is intended officially or not, cuz FSM script works as a mission flow more than pure script, I guess any nicely optimized code shan't reach that length so the nutshell defauted?

However the game can still support fsm if we insist lengthening the code via txt editing, except the editor itself.

Another possibility is our personal edition is meant to be designed like that...

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Oh yes, pretty please :dummy:

It's such a lovely little tool/editor and it would be a shame if it wouldn't be maintained any longer.

Plus I hear there is a new compile configuration for some sort of ArmA3 campaign fsm that isn't yet available/published, so this might be the perfect time to catch all these flies with one strike. :cool:

EDIT: oh, and maybe also consider this fix: FSM Editor: scriptedFSM.cfg fix (extra comma in FinalStates, "NO TOKEN")

Edited by ruebe
added note to FSM Editor fix

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