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Mod: Carrier Command: GM Classic.

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I once toyed with the idea of making a classic Carrier Command mod.

So, with that in mind, I give you:

Carrier Command: GM Classic.

Project Goal: Create a mod to make Carrier Command Gaea Mission look like the original Carrier Command, but with a more arcade/fast pace feel. (To quote Mythbusters, " Jamie want big boom! ")

To-do list:

1. Get info about how models are made and compiled (see other thread in this forum). The entire project depends on this information being released and cannot begin until it is obtained.

- Create the following models: Carrier, Manta, Walrus, various turrets and equipment, trees, buildings, rocks.

2. Create a function call database of known function calls to the main engine as the rest of the project will rely very heavily on redoing large parts of code.

3. Shrink everything down to a microscopic size.

- Because everything will have fairly low polygon count; this will present a unique opportunity to make the maps and the environment seem 9,0001% bigger than what it is now. (Its over nine thousand!!!)

4. Turn each map in to it's own archipelago.

- See two. As everything, including the islands will be shrinking, we will now be able to have each map contain several islands, thus reducing the need for that nasty loading screen and greatly increasing the scope of the game.

5. Modify the AI to deal with the new archipelagos.

6. Redo the UI so that it is more in line with the original Carrier Command

7. Balance changes to create a fast pace environment.

- I'm thinking around the lines of weapons with high rates of fire, but with slow moving tracer round like ammo. Think of the old school side scroll space shootem ups. Lots of time to dodge all the bullets that are flying everywhere, but you won't be able to afford to take too much damage.

8. Hard points for mantas, walruses and then everything else.

- This means units will now have subsystems that can be destroyed. IE: Blow the wheels off of a walrus and it will become an immobile turret until it is repaired by another unit or a manta picks it up and takes it back to your carrier for repair.

9. Multiple enemy carriers.

10. Introduce formation flying for mantas.

- This can be accomplished by combining the required mantas into a single model and treating the extra mantas as systems (much like the systems on the carrier).

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Some great ideas!

But I wonder if it will ever get to the point where it is possible to see them in reality.

Flat islands, with randomly generated base layouts and self re-building structures would be awesome too, along with island mantas and enemy carrier mantas being changed to different aircraft like in the original !

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Completely random islands may or may not be doable. It depends on weather or not I can script changes in terrain or if I can randomly place models as fake terrain.

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With the release I can not proceed with the majority of the project.

However, #3 is still in limbo due to some concerns I have with path-finding.

To the Devs: Is there a setting somewhere that I can set to shrink / increase the resolution of the path-finding grid? Or do I have to come up with some kind of a converter to edit the map data file?

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