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Nuke Script?

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Hi there,

I am trying to make a mission where if you dont locate and dis-fuse the bomb, it will detonate.

I got all perms set up and mission. Just need to find a way to blow up the town?

Im kinda new at scripting, so any help would be nice.


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Blowing a town with nuke is not worthy, if you think existing default ingame single explo can't meets your demands. You can simply customize a explo effect via "#particlesource" family.

For strong explo light you can use #lightpoint command family.

Any nearby buildings can be destoryed via bis_fnc_destroyCity within a certain distance from the explo center.

Any nearby entities, vehicles and objs can be killed via nearestObject family.

Effect sound can be played via say family.

And at length, don't forget to run the explo on each client in order to let all players know the explo occurs:)

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