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Nine Lines Medevac - Dialog {WIP}

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This has been and still is a WIP script and dialog system.

This is my first foray into the development of a dialog system and my first real release of any script.

Nine Lines Medevac has been a familiar system for serving military for a number of years.

These Nine Lines are used to convey the details of a wounded soldier on the battlefield to HQ and get a Med team to them when possible.

I have taken liberities and made it all text based as this first release.

Nine Lines Medevac example. {Source - Raptor 6 Actual (BI forums Dec 2009)}

Line 1- 125/096

Line 2- Kilo Black Two Two

Line 3- 1 Bravo, 1 Charlie

Line 4- Alpha

Line 5- 1 Lima, 1 Alpha

Line 6- November

Line 7- Charlie

Line 8- 2 Alpha

Line 9- None

Current Set up:

Human group is playing the medical team at this stage (see plans below)

Any Group Leader has ability to call in the medevac.

Group leader can select the prev and next calls to select the one they want to complete

- this is updated on the medevac team screens as well so all members know the job at hand.

- Have set these to shortcut keys (User1 - prev and User2 - next) configurable in the key bindings in player options.

Pictures: (hosted @ imgur.com)

http://i.imgur.com/B2JpcVP.jpg (538 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/sFJVnil.jpg (531 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/6xlPyRs.jpg (506 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/nYzgjuD.jpg (498 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/I2picJ2.jpg (560 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/i00Kr5b.jpg (486 kB)

File Updated: 30-October

>>>Download File HERE<<< (Google Drive)


Put in Description.ext

    #include "NineLines\NineLinesDefines.hpp"    #include "NineLines\NineLinesDialog.hpp"
   #include "NineLines\NineLinesRSC.hpp"

Currently all of the Init.sqf needs to be left there, not sure what is going wrong when I try to move it to another location, but I will endeavor to make it as small an install on a mission as possible.

Suggestions are welcome, please leave comments below.


  • change: Made sure the hud does not show on the map screen.

Known bugs:

  • None at this stage. That is why public release -waiting hear of some
  • Ok. one, on some screen Resolutions the Hud can fall off the edge. it can also be hard to read due to font size and preference setting on each PC.

Plans for the future:

  • Create and AI presence to deal with Medevac requests when no human player is in the Medevac slot (parameter to allow human or AI on slots)
  • Tidy up Init.sqf to put all of this into another location to make implementation in missions easier.
  • Limit or eliminate use of Medikits by anyone other than the Medevac crew. FAK may be able to sustain bleeding etc. until medevac gets there. Remove ability to fully heal player in the field i.e. make a gun shot mean something...
  • Fully heal at 'base' or med tent, takes time not an instant 3 or 4 second process.
  • Have the HUD only display when the Med Team leader swaps the call or when the player presses a key to display - only for as long as the key press.


LtDanThomas, AntoRugby and xh4nz.gruberx (and for the ideas) for your Patience with my MP testing.

Also I would like to thank:

Iceman77 - for the very helpful Dialogs for Noobs tutorial

KillzoneKid - for your website resources tutorials. Parts 1-5 on the rscTitles helped me a great deal.

Shuko - Taskmaster saved me a headache and a half on a lot of missions. -this one so far, just the Diary updates.

Also a special mention to Raptor 6 Actual who thought this up a long time ago and gave permission to go off on my own.

(permission message can be viewed upon request in writing with an application fee of $50)

I am sure I missed someone so Thanks.

You are free to use this script and dialog set on the condition credit is given.

Edited by KevsnoTrev
Updated details and fixed spelling errors - kidding about the fee

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I am trying to understand what this does.. but I just can not. What are the lines 1-9? What does this system do :(

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It is a system used by the US military to call in a medical evac.

You are required to fill in information on each of the lines 1-9.

The med evac will then know what kind of injuries and how many and arrange medical treatment and transport for them.

It was an idea that has stalled as I work on other projects.

It is still in the back of my mind and as I learn new things I make notes on how I can use them.

At this stage it is a basic dialog system that broadcasts to players in the medical squad. They then go and give first aid and revived the injured player. then return to base and wait for the next victim casualty.

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