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<20 man, server bandwidth & optimisation help

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I have a multiplay server with which we run BTC's Warstorm map. It's great, but we cannot enter Kavala without serious lag. I'm down to 20FPS from 60(ish) everywhere else on altis. Other members drop to well beneath 10 which is now unplayable.

I've read a lot about the config.cfg but am not sure of our server specs and network speeds etc etc.

Is there a any kind admin out there running a small (under 20 man) server that would be willing to share their config details?

i'll post spec's as soon as host gets back to me with them. (suspect they're not great)

Specs are 1 core of an 3.4ghz e3 with 16gig of ram which is shared., 100mbit port.


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ya know, stuff then specs

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Hey GavC,

Here is my config settings for my server. I rent from HFB and I too did ALOT of research and tweaking

here and there. Keep in mind that the MISSION plays a big roll in what settings are needed especially for

MaxMsgSend etc .....

The mission I am running just now is Xeno's Domination Blufor 2.99o with edits - no mods and the server

runs on average 45 fps. No desync, No Lag with players reporting their FPS to be great, compared to their

rig and hardware of course.

Items commented out is crap I messed with but never had any effect for stuff I run. My players range from

2 to 15 ... Server capable of 50 ... but set to 25 for our small group of friends.

Hope this helps











// MinErrorToSendNear=0.02

// class sockets{maxPacketSize=1400;};







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really appreciate this Jax. thanks from all of us. I'll test it out.


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That said, as you already know, there's plenty of reading about how and what many of the settings COULD be.

Terox has created some awesome reading on many of the above settings and I believe there was a comment made by BIS

about enlightening us to some of the illusive settings one day *sigh.

MinBandwidth and MaxMsgSend are the big ones for tweaking that will have most effect on your server and again

is relevant and tied to what kind of a mission you play. Servers that operate heavy AI will always require more performance

from the server .... and missions like Domi, that use clever scripts to clear / pickup dead bodies once objectives are complete

are great thus reducing what servers have to track.

I suppose I still treat running a server just now like running Windows XP back in the old days.

Always runs faster when you reboot the damn thing once in a while :p

I'm still tweaking :-) Last night I noticed our server FPS dropped a little to about 30fps. Upon investigation I did find our server rpt

file to be growing a little large, with more errors in there than usual, once again reinforcing Mission coding plays such a large part of

performance. Our ASR AI mod seems to be chucking a few here and there, but a reboot of the server and adding -nologs improved

it greatly again.

GLuck with your endeavours

and prepare for the next update coming, which hopefully will take us further towards optimization !

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