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** Rules for the SQUADS & FANPAGES section - READ BEFORE POSTING! **

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Please be aware of the following rules and guidelines that apply to this forum section:

  1. One thread per squad/unit.
    • The one and only exception: if your unit is active in multiple games (e.g. ARMA 2 & 3) then you can maintain separate threads in each of the relevant squad/fanpages sections.
    • Note that different branches of the same unit do not count separately and thus may not have their own individual threads.

[*]Announcements in your thread may be posted no more frequently than once every two weeks.

  • That means any new posts in your thread may be created no less than 14 days apart.
  • If you post too early, there's no guarantee that the post will be approved (or when). Its contents may be added to the previous post, or it might just disappear.
  • Announcement posts must contain actual event info, training announcements, new server details or similar news. Simply bumping the thread for the sake of moving it to the top is not allowed.
  • You may edit the existing posts in your thread at any time, as often as you want.
  • If you have to announce something sooner than two weeks after the previous post, edit that post to add the details.

[*]No discussions are allowed inside squad threads.

  • Any discussions in threads will be deleted without warning.
  • Users are advised to contact thread authors directly (e.g. via PM) if they have questions.
  • Thread authors, make sure to provide sufficient contact details, as well as links to your website/forums.
  • If you see people posting in a squad/fanpage thread, please use the report function so that their posts can be removed, then contact the user via PM if necessary. Do not respond inside the thread!

[*]Absolutely no thread bumping!

  • (That basically means all posts in your thread must comply with rules #2 and #3.)

[*]All the usual forum rules apply here too.

  • Including the 100KB image size rule, so make sure to double-check your squad logos, banners etc.

[*]All threads must advertise an existing squad or fanpage, and you must be authorized to post about it.

  • In other words, you may only post here to advertise your own squad/page or with permission of the owner/founder.
  • Accordingly, you may not create threads to discuss other people's squads or pages.

[*]Do not create a new thread if you are merely looking for a squad.

  • That's what > this thread < is for.
  • The same applies if you're looking for people to form a new squad - please use the aforementioned thread.

  • INFO: This forum is pre-moderated. That means your posts must be approved by a moderator before they appear.

Advertising your squad or fan page here at the Bohemia Interactive Forums is a privilege, not a right. Failure to comply with any of the rules listed above may result in your thread being closed or deleted and your posting privileges for this forum section being revoked.

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