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MK30A HMG .50 SetHit Problem

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Ok i have a little problem... i want simulate a shut Down on the MK30A HMG .50 (O_HMG_01_A_F classname its the static gun Ai controlled...)... ok... i Put in the MK30A HMG .50 in the edito, name it like iagun and in the init field or Devconsole i put this:

iagun setHit ["Gun", 1];

And the Gun simulates a shut down, but if i pass near the gun is trying to aim to me...

If i shoot to the "control Module" placed below the gun, the weapon aim down and the control module gets smoked... how can i do This? How can i Set hit to the "control Module"?

I try to sethit gun and disable all Ai's features... but dont work...

Can help me?

Ps... Im sorry about my english :(

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