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Rover technical management

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A rover management system and interface can be a nice feature.

Something that can permit to shut down an equipment, enabled another, try to fix one etc etc...

For example, in 2013 Curiosity have encounter a huge computer issue on Mars cause of flash memory affected by cosmic rays, Nasa have recover data and functionality by switching the secondary computer as a main one and use the primary as a secondary (back up).

This can be an example of things that we can do, mainly if the game will handle things like solar storm that can cause damage to equipment, of course we should be warned about that, but we need to manually shut down every system we can one by one for avoid some of them to crash and need to be restored or even have some system destroy.

It can be great for manage power as described here : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160558-batteries-and-solar-panels

The real Curiosity (large rover in the game) for example have a separate power supply source for some equipment, it will be great if we can be able to really have separate in the game and able when they are empty to switch to a main one, the day with solar panel rover we can use main one but the night for avoid to drain too much on reserve switch to the secondary dedicated power supply for instrument and other things that have they own power supply...

Also things like random (but realistic) computer issue that need time to perform things like data recovery, data dump, need to update something etc etc, for example with the future programmable rover if we don't perform correctly the data recovery we can loose the programming data and we will need to send them again, which will need time to do so depending of the antenna.

Same for antenna, possibility to disable one or simply switch from one to another to both (the high gain antenna are subject to loose connection unlike the low gain one that have short bandwidth as you described in the game) and can create interference each other when both are using at the same time and drain more energy and of course be warned when we try to disabled both (but still have possibility to re-enabled them or considerate this as a vehicle shut down).

Have the possibility to disabled something like a wheel, the harm on the MAST or anything else, disabled camera until we will need them for reduce power drain.

When an equipment have a failure, possibility to recover it, when it have a critical failure of course it is broken and unusable, but if we don't check, an equipment can for example while broken create a short circuit that can drain more battery, create interference and damage other equipment !

Also damage caused by time or even the weather that can require some intervention from the player to lets the rover able to use again a damaged equipment.

Some instrument that need to be calibrated or anything else.

An interface like this can be really nice where we can access to the whole rover part, electricity, equipment, antenna, battery, circuits, instruments, camera, computer, etc etc...

We can sometime even have issue that make the rover unable to respond to earth (but not for him to receive information) and a case of lost contact like this can be great when we can try to recover contact while switch from antenna A to B or use both or even try a data recovery or try to fix anything else that can cause this or cause connection but no data transfer.

Of course for such case when the rover is unable to be connected to, or for quick management (such as sun storm emergency automatic deactivation where he will automatically re-enabled himself after a programmed time) or even do advanced things such as use a rover to contact and even control another who have a damaged antenna, able to short distance communication but not to contact earth for example.

I hope we will get this kind of rover management !

Sorry for the wall of text.

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