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Tu95 and Tu142 Bombers

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From the "Legacy of Cold War" pack by MUKCEP: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?158854-quot-Legacy-of-Cold-War-quot-aircraft-models-pack

Version : 1.0 - Release Date: 10/10/2013

DOWNLOAD LINK: Look for the 35MB pook_Tu95ms_v1.0.RAR file here: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=5b54fc51a7917265#cid=5B54FC51A7917265&id=5B54FC51A7917265%213146

This addon provides the Tupolev Tu-95 and Tu-142 bombers (aka Bear) in several variations for Arma2. This is the A2 version... an A3 version is pending research to get everything right! ;)

DEPENDENCY REQUIREMENT! This addon depends heavily on the GLT_Missilebox and EB_Air addons! Download links below...


- Tu-95-MS: Standard bomber with 24-rack internal rotary launcher. Uses GLT FAB-500 as default loadout. Representative of the Real "pre-D" model.

- Tu-95-K22: Externally mounted Kh-22 (AS4) launcher. Uses GLT AS4 missiles. Represents real-world "-G" model.

- Tu-95-MS6: Internal Kh-65 (AS15) rotary launcher and 2 external pylons. Uses brand-new Kh-65 ALCM. Representative of real-world "-H" model.

- Tu-95-3M80: Externally mounted 3M80 (aka SS-N-22 Sunburn) ASM/ARM missiles. Some sources indicate the Bear can carry these missiles. Uses new 3M80 missiles. Variation of -H model.

- Tu-142M: Internal sonobuoy bay with 48 sonobuoys. Representative of real-world "-F" model.


1. Requires CO/OA. Tested on CO+ACR v1.62... YMMV with other versions :)

2. GLT Missilebox


3. CBA (for GLT):


4. EB_Air mod:


USES CAMO SELECTIONS - feel free to reskin :)

- Textures:

Camo1 (texture 0) = Wings

Camo2 (texture 1) = Main emblem logo

Camo3 (texture 2) = Secondary squad logo

Camo4 (texture 3) = Engines

Camo5 (texture 4) = Fuselage

Camo6 (texture 5) = Misc

Sonobuoy Info

RGB-N Sonobuoy: "tu95_sonobuoy_float"

Notes about sonobuoy:

1. Sonobuoy script-based sonar provides awareness of all floating and underwater vehicles in a 1-mile radius.

2. Sonobuoy updates via SideChat channel to friendly VEHICLES. No foot soldiers will receive the notification.

3. Sonobuoy scripting is subject to change if it can be optimized!

4. Sonobuoy is a "boat" vehicle with a 3 minute lifetime. Script is launched via the vehicle INIT EventHandler.

5. Reload time is 1 minute! This was done to avoid "sonobuoy spam" of the sideChat channel.

6. Sonobuoy script should be easily adaptable for sonar array scripts :)

Classnames for Weaps/mags:

MKU-5-6 Missile launcher: "tu95missilelauncher" / "tu95_1Rnd_Kh65","tu95_1Rnd_Kh55","tu95_1Rnd_3M80","GLT_1Rnd_AS4","GLT_2Rnd_AS4","GLT_3Rnd_AS4"

Standard 24-rack bomb launcher: "tu95bomblauncher" / "GLT_24Rnd_FAB500","GLT_6Rnd_FAB500","GLT_4Rnd_FAB500","GLT_2Rnd_FAB500","GLT_2Rnd_FAB250","GLT_4Rnd_FAB250","GLT_6Rnd_FAB250","GLT_8Rnd_FAB250","GLT_10Rnd_FAB250","GLT_12Rnd_FAB250","GLT_36Rnd_FAB250","4Rnd_FAB_250","2Rnd_FAB_250"

Tu-142 Sonobuoy launcher "tu95_sonobuoy_launcher" / "tu95_sonobuoy_mag"

Classnames for aircraft variations:

// Tu-95-MS6:

pook_tu95ms6 // Ru - EAST

** additional Russian squadrons:

















pook_tu95ms6_TAK // TAK - East

pook_tu95ms6_CDF // CDF-West

pook_tu95ms6_CDF_Ind // CDF-Independent

// Tu-95-MS:

pook_tu95ms // Ru - EAST

pook_tu95ms_TAK // TAK - East

pook_tu95ms_CDF // CDF - West

pook_tu95ms_CDF_Ind // CDF-Independent

// Tu-95-K22

pook_tu95K22 // Ru - EAST

pook_tu95K22_TAK // TAK - East

pook_tu95K22_CDF // CDF - West

pook_tu95K22_CDF_Ind // CDF-Independent

// Tu-95-3M80

pook_tu953M80 // Ru - EAST

pook_tu953M80_TAK // TAK - East

pook_tu953M80_CDF // CDF - West

pook_tu953M80_CDF_Ind // CDF-Independent

// Tu142-M

pook_tu142M // Ru - EAST

pook_tu142M_TAK // TAK - East

pook_tu142M_CDF // CDF - West

pook_tu142M_CDF_Ind // CDF-Independent

Tu-95-MS6 showing off Kh-65 (AS-15) ALCM



Tu-142 sub hunter featuring underbelly radar dome and tailfin mounted MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector)


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I know you also worked on porting the Su-27 to Arma 3, do you also have an ArmA 2 version? Since the vanilla Su-27 has no weapons...

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Thanks for informing us of the release :cool:

Release frontpaged on the Armaholic homepage.


We have also "connected" these pages to your account on Armaholic.

This means in the future you will be able to maintain these pages yourself if you wish to do so. Once this new feature is ready we will contact you about it and explain how things work and what options you have.

When you have any questions already feel free to PM or email me!

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Thanks for the mirror as always Foxhound! :cool:

@Fulcrum - not the place to discuss other "Legacy" aircraft. I'll be glad to hear feedback about the Tu95/142 models and config.

Already found a few relatively minor issues that I want to address. Among them:

- more shadow tweaking

- gunner compartment in Tu142 too small

- Observer view in Tu95 "slaved" to main gunner view. Not sure how to fix this. May remove "Observer gunner" and make him a Cargo position.

- Need to find the Proper name for "Bombardier". What do the Russians call the guy in the plane in charge of the weapons? WSO?

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This is a beautiful addon, I've always been a fan of the Bear. It seems like it's coming along quite well, but I have one question:

What island is featured in that one screenshot?

That's not Duala is it?

Edited by Pd3

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Thank you for updating this model and adding it to the Takistani army.

I can finally have full out war with this for the Takis and the B-52 for the US :yay:

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Hello pookie.

This is one of the most amazing addons you gave our community (and we are using every single one of yours, so that means something).

I have been flying the 142 for over 5 Hours today during a Naval battle within our CPX, searching for Russian Submarines with the Sonobuoys.

I was wondering if it is possible to add these Sonobuoys to any other airplane (or even Ship - since maby Frigates have Sonobuoy launchers IRL) with their given functionality, with a script only. I'm not talking about an addon, just missionsides scripting. Of course, i can easily get the Weapon and Magazine classname and add the Buoys to a plane, but they are not going to work, beeing nothing btu a "dumb bomb" so to say. Would you be so kind and explain me what functions i would need to call, or which eventhandlers need to be initialized so i could have working sonobuoys not only from the Tu142, but also e.g. onto your ASW Escort boats.

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Sure, I'd be glad to... the important script is triggered via the "vehicle"'s INIT EH. That's the script that needs to be ran to make the "reveal" commands work. All the ammo scripting that trips off the script found in the cfgCloudlets is there just to make the "vehicle" appear. Any way you want to spawn that vehicle will have the same effect. The point is that the script needs to run. You could even configure any vehicle in the editor to launch the script if you wanted.

That being said, for the purposes of game play I strongly recommend keeping use of the timeout on the vehicle since dropping more and more of the sonobuoy "vehicles" might affect frame rate (never tested). That concern is why I made my sonobuoy "vehicle" delete after 3 minutes game time.

I am curious about the impact to gameplay. I'm not convinced the "alarm" sound I added is helpful or harmful. That and the side chat notifications... if that is reported to negatively affect gameplay I'm Ok with removing it. one can always look on the map view to see if new enemy units appear.

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