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A list of questions ive been trying to find answers to

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Hey all, I'm new to arma 2 editing but i love doing this stuff and have been wasting tons of my life experimenting with it recently

heres a few things ive been curious about but have been unable to find answers for

1: The MQ-9 UAV Drone

A- What is its effective height? Can I place it with a fly in height of 2000 and have it still work properly? whats the highest, and whats most effective?

B- If i give it way points to fly over opfor units, who does it report what it sees to? Does it report enemy locations to all of blufor? just its faction? or only units grouped with it? For example if i send a squad into a town with a seek and destroy order, and give an mq-9 (of the same faction) an order to fly over it, will the squad ai use the info provided by the mq-9? What about friendly independents?

C- What are their limitations? Can they see units in houses? Behind barricades with only their head exposed? Under camo nets? will they always detect units in the open?

2: Skins

Is it possible to give a unit a different skin from the one it normally has? for example give an insurgent AT trooper the skin of a takistani civy? Whats the command for this?

3: Way points - How do I trigger a squad to follow a different set of way points then the ones it was already following?

4: How do I make this work

Im making a missions where u have to destroy a PMC convoy as the opfor...

basically i have an 8 man team hiding in wait to assault a convoy of 6 suvs (packed with over 30 guys), 4 of them armored with minigun, using just RPG7s and IEDs deep in US controlled territory

2 of them are unarmed takistani warlords that are the targets of the attack

once they are killed the next objective is to escape in a couple of technicals and dirt bikes (straight up terrorist style) while all hell brakes loose... mq-9s basically following the player and tons of units in the area converging on his location so basically hit and run, and do it fast and right or die

so my questions are

4A- How do i give the two unarmored suvs the "armored" quality (bullet proof windows and such)

B- What is the best way to get the convoy (once its attacked) to switch from a move order way down the road to a stop, dig in, and wait for back up sort of command

C- Whats the best way to get a pmc helicopter to follow the convoy and constantly guard it

D- I want to get an AH-64 to take off from my US base and hunt the player and his squad down, a set amount of time after the first shot is fired on the convoy. How would I do this?

E- Basically the same as D, Im hoping its possible for an mq-9 to keep a constant fix on the player (shortly after the attack) so that the units converging on his squad have constantly updated position on their target. So what would be the best way to simulate this?

I had more to ask but im out of time, any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

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I do have a awnser for question 2 - skins .

There is a code to change the skin of a unit. But it doesnt work for all units.


 _objectname setObjectTexture [0,"\pboname\texture.paa"] _objectname setObjectTexture [1,"\pboname\texture2.paa"]

This code will change the skin of the model and not the model it self.. For exanple you cant change a at soldier to a civilian with this command. You can change the skin to a civilian skin but i tink that will look kinda strange. :D

For as far i know it only Works with BAF and PMC units. And some diffrent cars.

(If i am at nu pc i will send you a demo mission.)

But what you can do aswell. Is by giving a civilian the same gear as an at soldier and group him to a opfor unit.

so my questions are

4A- How do i give the two unarmored suvs the "armored" quality (bullet proof windows and such)[/Quote]

This may help you. I dident realy read it but there may be somting use full.


Again i dont know if there is somting in it. I dident read it cuz i simpely dont have the time to read it atm :D But succes and i hope this will help you further.

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