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Tactical Kitten is looking for missions

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Tactical Kitten is looking for missions.

We play regular TvT matches and our current server capacity is 16 players

The specifications:


- 16 players in 2 or more teams

- No respawns (default A3 spectator mode should be used)

- To enable default spectator mode, add this to the description.ext: respawn = BIRD;

- Teams can be asymetrical

- Time limit 40 minutes

- No xmas crates (adding more gear to choose from at mission start is ok, but no all in one crates)

- A basic briefing or at least working tasks so players can tell what the mission is

- Distance at start: Infantry 1-2km, Vehicles 1-4km, Helicopters 2-10km, Boats 2-6km, Submarines 1-4km

- The mission should not need any addons except ACRE

- Working end triggers

- No AI

- Player slot AI must be disabled by adding this to the description.ext: disabledAI = 1;

- Autonomous vehicles are allowed

- When using artillery units, add this to the init.sqf: enableEngineArtillery false; (This removes the artillery computer and forces using the weapon sights)

- No Music (Short clips or cues are ok)

- Keep filesize under 2MB


High Command

- Add a high command module for the leading player (i.e. mission commander)


- Add ACRE radio crates to the mission if you want players to be able to pick a different radio

- Add different radios to players on mission start

- ACRE dependency is not required

- Adding radios with better range is entirely at your discretion. It can be asymetrical too (i.e. one team getting better radios)

If you want your mission to be played on our events, please contact me via PM or reply to this topic.

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Use the User Mission Request thread sticky like everyone else, please. Thank you.


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