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Hey all, I guess I'm the first and only poster on this forum thus far. Makes me feel kinda lonely. Anyhow, I just wanted to say I LOVED the Afterblank series, I've played them all through repeatedly with various mods, and I realize I'm only one guy but I'd really like to see a sequel. I love the Simultaneous Action System and the squad management aspects, and you guys did it way better than bitcomposer and their Jagged Alliance remake.

I think afterlight, though, was missing some features that were common in aftermath and aftershock. I have some thoughts I'll condense as follows.

1) Keep characters and strategic development separate. It forces you to reload rather than accept casualties for fear of gimping the strategic game. I'd like to have the choice to let a character die and recruit a new one to complete a difficult mission without permanently gimping my strategic game.

2) I liked the diversity of voices in the first two: you have enough fans that if you made a sequel, you should recruit from your fan base to get more voices and accents without putting just a handful of actors through a thespian hell, and letting just a few voices limit the selection of troops.

3) The ability to play as different factions could be a way to get some replayability out of the content your work so hard to create and allow you to tell a good story even better. And, other than carrier command, you guys generally tell good stories.

4) OMG fix the pathing. Both Carrier Command and Afterlight were hurt by poor pathing outcomes. It 's not a nice to have: bad pathing makes playing the game tedious in the extreme, and you probably noticed these games didn't draw the player base you wanted.

I'd like to think that you guys aren't going to go the blockbuster-focused way of other gaming companies and continue to make worthwhile games that veer from the "I'm just as good as Sony! Really!" model. I'd like to see more of this story, perhaps what's on the other side of the beastmen portal, or what the new world is the Reticulans help Earthlings rebuild.


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Hello SamTheAlone!

If a sequel, I'd prefer one like Aftershock (better story, on Earth, better and simpler character system, more and simpler bases than AL, better bases than AL, possible autodefense of bases),

with some contents and missing features from Aftermath (air fighters, trashy mood, corner fighting, flares, animated pictures in all windows)

and Afterlight (bigger screen resolution, nicer character interface).

Aftermath is too simple, Afterlight is too complex.

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