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[CTI] Benny Edition Warfare Stratis

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i dont know if someone kowns but Benny (Or another one, i dont know really) ported BE Warfare Edition from Arma2 to Arma3.

The most functions are working like at Arma2.

There are 2 another versions form BECTI Arma3, edited by others. Dont know which is the best version.

The Original Mission File is here:


Should works fine with much KI, so after reading comments they mean the server load (fps) should works fine.

You can place structures and can upgrade them for new units/vehicles.

Found that 3 BECTI Missions in Steam Workshop. (So you can search for your self).

Think anyone should test all 3 missions to know which is the best of them.

There are much servers hosted with BECTI Arma3 Edition.

For all CTI Fans this should be nice.

I think someone ported that mission with the arma2 to arma3 converter (found in SIX Updater and with that you can bring back Takistan from Arma2 :)) and edited final for arma3.

There is no official sign from Benny that he do that be his self!

Thanks and Greatings.

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From what I read these are not Benny edition releases. He has already said he will NOT release on Steam Workshop.

If you read the comments on these workshop releases the same can be found there.Not relevant - releases can now be found on steam workshop

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okay. I analyzed the mission, someone used original BE Warfare from Arma2 and ported it to Arma3. Its a huge work but he did well cause that dont work from one to one exactly.

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