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A small mod that balances a lot of small numbers in the game relating to unit speed, maneuverability and strength. Walruses are fun to drive now! Recently added a few more tweaks.

For use with v1.7




* Fixed a bug I introduced in the campaign which would cause the client to crash just before the air chase after the battle of Thermopylae.

* Doubled the damage output from the prototype gatling gun in the air chase sequence.

* Increased the hitpoints of most carrier repair zones by x2. Enemy carrier armour points increased by 50%

* Walrus and island defence flak guns fire twice as fast but deal half the damage, and spread the shells 80% more than before.

* Increased the hitpoints of all variations of APA soldiers by a lot (from 1.5 to 15, 20 & 25).


* Reduced the ammo capacity of the "120mm AT CANNON" ("HEAT" in standard parlance) to 50(75 with ammo box).

* Normalised the repair times for mantas and walruses of all types to be slightly faster than medium unit repair.

* Increased the speed of medium and heavy walruses a little more (10%-15%).

* In the gaea campaign, you are now also given the walrus scanner and scout drone blueprints when you are given control of the carrier's production facilities.

* Reduced the player's personal shield hitpoints by another 15%. Use cover ;)

* The carrier AA laser blueprints are given to the player after victory at Fulcrum.

* Renamed the walrus quadgun to "QUAD 12.7mm AA".

* Renamed the walrus flak gun to "23mm FLAK GUN".


* Greatly increased the hitpoints of APA droids and soldiers, which now provide more of a challenge (look out!)

* Reduced the player shield hitpoints in FPS sections by 15%.

* Increased the hitpoints on command centres by x8 (it was far too easy to take the CC).

* Increased the damage from the hammerhead to make sure you can still nuke a hardened CC in one shot.

* Added a 20mm Vulcan autocannon at tech level 4 for the manta based on the prototype gatling gun from the campaign, but much less damage and ammo (roughly 40% increase over the manta gatling guns). It's also a separate weapon system, so won't interfere with the campaign.

* Slightly increased the production time and cost of the manta plasgun.


* Reduced the resource cost to build all items by 25% across the board.

* Reduced the rate of fire of walrus flak guns by 25%.

* Fixed the reverse speed of medium mantas.


* Reduced agility of the light manta a little (but still much better than standard).

* Renamed manta and walrus gatling guns to 'miniguns' (because its compact).

* Reduced carrier acceleration a little.


* Fixed a bug where the walrus shield and green laser blueprints wouldn't appear in the strategy game.

* Reduced the cost and build time of the manta bomb by 25%, and renamed to '500kg bomb'.


* Added the new carrier AA laser turrets to the mod and named them so you can tell which is which.

* Added the new walrus shield to the mod.

* The walrus green laser now shows up in the classic campaign at tech level 4 - called '3MW HEAVY LASER'.

* Increased the rate of fire of the walrus machine gun by 15% and included a new firing sound (from my sound mod).

* Manta rockets fire three times faster, but deal a third of their regular damage.

* Manta rockets hold 14 shots, 22 with ammo box.

* Updated names of most of the weapons, mostly so you can tell the difference between walrus and manta missiles etc, but also for more flavour.


* Reduced production time and cost of the manta hook.

* Reduced the build time and cost on scout drones. The carrier can now hold up to 5 of them.

* Reduced the build time and cost on walrus and manta scanners, and the carrier can hold 8.

(Please note these changes require a restart of the game to take effect)


* Increased all manta top speeds and maneuverability by 25%

* Reduced manta shield max health by 50%

* Increased defensive drone speeds by x4.

* Increased health of walruses by 25%

* Increased the speed of all walruses by 25%

* Reduced duration and power of afterburners/turbo by 30%

* Reduced manta gatling ammo from 800 to 500. Ammo box takes it to 800.

* Reduced manta plasma ammo from 100 to 50. Ammo box takes it to 100.

* Reduced manta laser ammo from 600 to 500. Ammo box takes it to 1000.

* Increased walrus machine gun base ammo from 400 to 600.

* Reduced camera shake on walrus gatling gun.

* Reduced camera shake on carrier quadguns.

* Reduced camera shake on walrus machine gun.

* Doubled the travel speed of plasma 'shells'.

* Increased hitpoints on carrier offensive weapon by x4

* Increased hitpoints on carrier defensive weapons by 50%

* Walrus & manta plasma cannons produce heat and can shut down.

* Halved the fuel use for carrier repairs, and doubled repair time.

Edited by Savant1974

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very few people posting here, just looking by to tell you that I like your balancing.

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Thanks, I wasn't really fishing for compliments - I'm simply making the game more fun for myself (I love proper game balance) and sharing it with others :)

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I am glad someone making these modes and sharing them with other players. I definitely try it by myself :)

Keep it up :)

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New version is up. Increasing the hitpoints of the APA droids and soldiers shouldn't break the campaign (I've tested 20% of it) but if some part of it becomes uncompletable as a result, let me know.

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