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Artificial intelligence Support System! Released


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  1. 1. Suppression

    • Supression command for player?
    • No suppression command for player?
    • Make suppression a separate mod from AISS?
    • Keep suppression with AISS?
    • Suppression in AISS is good?
    • Suppression in AISS is moderate?
    • Suppression in AISS can use some work please read my post?
    • Other please read my post?

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hey guys, I get 2 problems with AISS

First problem, i get an Script error: ANdA9S5.png

How can i fix this problem?

Second problem, how can i change that the AISS dont controll blufor troops? because I have helis with AI's from the AliVE mod and they always fly around with the mod

And is AISS compatible with the ASR AI?

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ASR no.....

Make sure you're user configs is in proper place. Arma 3 directory where u see Addons folder and arma3.exe there should be a userconfig in that directory. Make sure you move the config from RAR with AISS userconfigs into main directory.

As for blufor you will need to use AISS_Exclude module and sync all blufor units to it.

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