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Simple CTI Warfare - Reborn

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i did a remake from the original Simple CTI Warfare by c0da http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147687-Simple-CTI-Warfare&highlight=simple+cti


- 18 vs 18 (CTI - TDM)

- Buy units on factorys (Infantry, Light Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles, Air Vehicles)

- Capture Towns for money

- Full based AI with waypoints

- Resistance

ToDo List for next update (maybe the next release will not include all ToDo's): current status 04.10.13

- adding bunkers and static mgs to all towns (like Benny Warfare Edition ARMA2) *done

- adding air factory to base *done

- adding AA Specialist to Barracks *done

- adding repair/refuel/ammo (Service Point) to each base *done

- increasing income for each town *done

- adding resistance for each town *done

Will be come in next releases:

- adding spawn points in captured towns and outposts with respawn selection *in progress

- including support scripts like paratroops / paradrop vehicle / artillery / fast traveling *in progress

- performance tweaking. Reducing the ai to buy units on start from the map from 6 to 3 and lets buy better units to make squads like AA Squad / AT Squad / Sniper Squad *done

- including a gear shop for buying gear and backpacks *in progress

- ai buys vehicles (infantry is working at this time) *not at work this moment

- cost balancing for units *not at work this moment

- fixing some errors and bugs *not at work this moment

- adding better town capturing for better gameplay and balancing *not at work this moment

- adding MHQ with building function for factorys and defence buildings (at this time the factorys are included at each base) *not at work this moment

- adding command center for researching upgrades *not at work this moment

- adding manned vehicles to buy at the factorys *not at work this moment

- creating a own presentation trailer/video *in progress



- added bunkers and static mgs to all towns (like Benny Warfare Edition ARMA2)

- added air factory to base

- added AA Specialist to Barracks

- added repair/refuel/ammo (Service Point) to each base

- increased income for each town and start money

- added resistance for each town (Independent)


- added new structure for the light factory (small bunker)

- added sniper and spotter to barracks for both sides

- added Ammo, Fuel, Medical and Repair Trucks for both sides in light factory

- added a hint to each factory (Like "You are at the Light Factory")

- fixed west spawn point after dead (it was in east base xD)

- updated mission description

- respawn time is now 20 and no more 30

- start money is now 300 and no more 129

- doubled at all towns the money for faster income


- Converted from Alpha Version to Full Version

- Added new armored light vehicles to light factory

- Added heavy factory with heavy vehicles

- New air vehicles on air factory

- little bug fixes

I hope you enjoy it.

For contact, support, bug/error reporting and beta testing you can add me at Skype: chrizzo2k7 or ICQ: 77470363 or private message in this forum. Thanks.

Simple CTI Warfare - Reborn (04 October 2013) http://www.growingx.com/simple_cti_new.Stratis.zip

Simple CTI Warfare - Reborn CTI-36 (Armaholic Mirror) (Maybe version from 30 september 2013)

Iam glad for testimonials and some feedback about balancing and bugs/errors.

Edited by chrizzo

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Include respawning at strongholds/encampments (or a way for squad leaders (not commanders) to build FOB's or something) gets my download. I stopped playing CTI all together because Altis is just too damn big, and traveling 5+km to the battlefield every time I died was simply not fun.

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I work now on a new version. Hope to release it this week. Got some new features like a Repair / Rearm / Refuel Building, more Units to buy, better balance, respawn in towns. Also working on Resistance in Towns, buy manned vehicles, AI buys vehicles, fast traveling and some other features. Ths time this map is Stratis, on a Altis version i will work when the Stratis Map is good be good :D

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I played this a few times, but kept getting wp errors. Sorry I'm not at my gaming PC so I can't read off the rpt for you. In principal, I really liked it.

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I did a update today :) Hope you like it and play it. Iam working already on multiple respawns with a respawn selection menu. (If you have captured a town, you can spawn on 2 positions.. Outposts). Also i will integrate Support Scripts like Fast Travel, UAV, Paradrops and Troops, Arty and much more.

Edited by chrizzo

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