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Campaign/coop: War on Chemicals

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This was an idea I came up with a while ago, and Ive spent sometime thinking and planning it out. Now I want to know what the community thinks about it.

Basically it is a campaign/coop that's based on this absolutely amazing piece of work posted by survivorluz: a fictitious map of the Green Sea region, involving many user-made maps available to the community. (1421 kB)

War on Chemicals

Takistan is flourishing with military might in the region. Its government, rather a nasty one, has decided to stir things up and attempts to expand its territories invading and annexing multiple regions and countries bordering it. However, they have not been playing it nicely. Use of chemical weapons have been reported, and evidence of the usage is wide-spreading over the media - innocent civilians being the victims of brutal gas attacks and violent soldier acts. Its come to the UN's attention that this is a major issue and many nations are condemning the acts. Attempts were made to sort this issue out peacefully however Takistan has ignored and turned down all of them, leading to a last resort decision. Stopping it with military force. Multiple nations have contributed forces to the cause and the legend of ISAF is again revived.

Some of the features Id like to see:

- utilizing almost all available Arma 2 stock and user-made maps (as on the map)

- utilizing multiple mods depicting armed forces of various countries

- dividing the area of operation into multiple sectors with a nation/nations assigned to it.

- many different forms of missions, from amphibious assaults to air assaults. Special ops and support ops, or a commander of forces.

Of course, with such a big campaign and the amount of work to be done, there will be many issues. What are your thoughts?

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