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[evo] dan

[COOP2-33] Paros Sweep

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Your mission is to move into Paros and clear out the rebel forces as the AAF. However, due to the presence of civilians you must avoid civilian casualties otherwise you will fail the mission due to ROE restrictions. You have multiple assets to help you carry out the mission such as a Mohawk, Buzzard, Gorgons and Stryders .

This mission has respawn set to SIDE and does not have respawning vehicles so beware as you might find yourself quickly out of the match :o . The time of day is changeable.

Download Links:

Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com/s/umkva91iaws44hu/COOP33_Paros_Sweep.Altis.rar

Armaholic - Paros Sweep Co-33

It is also available on the steam workshop (yes I am trying this out to see if its good or not):



-First release


-Thank you to BIS for making Arma3 as well as the new modules which I have used to simplify and shrink the mission.

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