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Activate trigger on object possession

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How can i make blufor players become friendly to opfor? I'm working on a mission where after the insersion, the team has to aquire opfor uniforms in order to blend in with the enemy. I was thinking on calling a trigger after the players have siezed the gear, changing their side or something like that...i don't know...

Any help is much appreciated!


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I've done a mission like that on the alpha, but the blufor couldn't take opfor uniform ( Geneve Convention, BIS has blocked this option )

So i have should script a trigger with this :

condition : this ( blufor activate ) and dissimulation ( dissimulation = a trigger where the opfor sentinel was shot, simulate that we can take uniform)

in activate : j1 setcaptive true; j1 adduniform "U_OI_CombatUniform_ocamo"; j2 setcaptive true; j2 adduniform "U_OI_CombatUniform_ocamo"; etc etc

You should may be remove the blufor uniform before. And you can inverse the uniform and the setcaptive = false, when you want the blufor will become blufor unit

It works fine with the opfor unit ;-), you are really see as an opfor unit

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