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Need to assign Ai move waypoints to specific buildings, but random building positions

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Short Goal: I would like my "VIP" that I placed on the map to walk inside one of serveral buildings, and then in a random building position. My hope is a way to do this via script.

Detailed Goal: I have a mission where there are two main objectives. Kill a enemy boss, and dont kill the friendly where the boss is near. The setting is at a compound that consists of a few enterable buildings. I would like it if the "boss" and "vip" start outside the buildings, somewhere in the compound, and then move to a random building position and wait for the BLUFOR to show up.

Research: It seems people are using functions in CBA to find building positions, but I would like to know if there is a way to do this without requiring users to use addons instead. So far all of the suggestions I read are all about spawning units in certain positions. If I know how to make these waypoints, I could see all sorts of cool uses (enemy Ai patrols randomly searching buildings and rooms).

Excuse: I know I have been on the forums and played this series for a long time, but I am still a scripting newb (please be gentle).

Thanks for any help offered!

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