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Any way to make patrol aware when they find dead body from other group?

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If there is a patrol walking around and a man standing near the patrol's route, when the patrol walk away from him for a distance long enough and I kill this man without any witness, can the patrol be aware when they turn back and see the dead body? I think default setting don't work. Can any trigger or script make it?


I find that on default setting, for patrol is safe mode without trigger or script, if the patrol find the dead body, group leader will assign a virtual target (it means the killer is not their at all) to his subordinates, and his man will head to that position but they don't change their safe mode to aware or danger. If this is a bug?

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Here's an idea:

1. make a "killed" EH that will create a trigger centered on the dead unit.

2. set the trigger type to present, activated by the same side as the dead unit in <step 1>

3. on condition field, check the group member's knowsAbout value of the dead unit >=4 (highest value I think).

4. splendid activation here...

Disclaimer: I didn't test this. this just came on top of my head right now. I will not be held responsible if it kills your pc or burn your house :p

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Hi, I created my alarm system for OFP many years ago - https://github.com/celoush/Alarm/tree/master/celo_alarm (description is in czech)

How to:

1.) If soldier died, create an object (I used Grave in OFP) and move it under dead body (You cant set knowsabout on dead body, but you can do it on object under surface... problem with water in Arma 3)

2.) create script(s) which permanently checks knowsabout value between guard and "grave".

3.) If body is buried (checking z-index position) stop script(s).

Something like that:

script = {

 _guard = _this select 0; // guard man
 _dead = _this select 1; // dead man

 _pos = getpos _dead;
 _grave = createVehicle ["Grave",[_pos select 0,_pos select 1,-1],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];

 waitUntil {
    sleep 0.5;
    if {!alive _guard} exitWith{};
    if {getpos _dead select 2 < -0.3} exitWith{};
    if {alarm} exitWith{};
    _guard knowsabout _grave> 1.5; 
 alarm = true;

You can call it on all dead bodies and guards. Just find "Grave" equivalent for Arma 3.

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That's clever. Putting an grave object onto or around the body haha. Serves 2 purposes.

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