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[SP]A Daring Raid

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A high value target has been located in a compound deep within enemy territory. Command has come up with a particularly daring plan to eliminate him.

Strike hard and fast, and try to get out alive.

Steam Workshop link:


Uses massi's NATO SF/Russian Spetznaz weapons (required):



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Just tried the mission and it was a pleasant experience.

The use of Massi's weapons make this an entertaining experience since these weapons seem to lack both power and accuracy. While I would long for more accuracy on my behalf, it makes the enemy AI less super-human (then can still take 3 rounds in the head at point blank range, but that's not your fault). Plenty of enemies around and the AT team killed a roving tank just the moment I was losing hope because I was pinned down behind a house - excellent moment! On egress to exfil, quite a few enemies chased me but rarely hit me. This was a welcome relief to the save-and-reload-orgies you have with stock enemy infantry. Hope to see more SP missions from you.

P.S: Happy new year!

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