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TPW MODS: enhanced realism and immersion for Arma 3 SP.

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Hi, I am calling TPW HUD from a script. Is there a way to

1.) Acticate the HUD automatically at mission start

2.) Change the HUD key from STRG+ALT+U to something else?


Thank you

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On 5/15/2022 at 1:58 PM, tpw said:

Yep I added them in, next release in a day or two will allow the user to specify the % of military vehicles to spawn

Awesome!!!  Thx for the update.  I love it.  The fact that you're still improving this indispensible mod blows my mind.  Thank you, sincerely!!!

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13 minutes ago, pvt. partz said:


Coupladrunks roight?





Protesting rising fuel prices?


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Ah... that's why sometimes zombies doesn't work, as it's an issue when I don't have Max Zombies added.

I love your Compress feature (0.6, 0.0, 0.15, 0.15).  I use it in combination with Windows loudness compressor/limiter.


Your fall stuff definitely adversely affects ACE medical & its own fall mechanics, so I turn TPW fall off in addition to all your bleeding stuff.  They work fine together otherwise, though.


I personally have Fog disabled.  I should probably try it again, though, but I recall it causing too much visibility issues for me even in good weather with BettIR & ACE NV.

An option to delay by a few minutes skirmish support units from arriving would be useful, and maybe even a check box to where that timer doesn't start until the enemy detects and starts shooting at you.

Thrilled you added civilian deaths triggering more enemy units!  Is it the skirmish # multiple of enemies added for each individual time you reach min civ deaths?


"Update: Oct 1, 2021 @ 11:01pm

[CROWD 1.23, CIVS 1.66] Added additional option so that killing civs will increase the number of spawned enemy squads in TPW SKIRMISH"


So it ramps up the number?  So if I put skirmish at 0 for troops and 0 for vehicles, will it spawn a squad for each time I accidentally take out X # of civilians as defined under my squad min?  Or is it spawning extra based on my skirmish size and/or time settings?


BTW, I no longer use PiR or bCombat, as both of them revert ACE medical's injury system to vanilla.  I also temporarily am only using (when I do use them at all) Dagger's weapons, not his magazines or ammo, because that breaks ACE head hit detection when using more mods than CBA + ACE + Dagger when using his ammo.  UAS and KA are also out, due to causing slowdown and/or insufficient ACE compatibility.

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I see now what it does. If you don't have skirmish checked, the killing of civilians cannot cause more enemy units, and if you check skirmish but have the number of squads and vehicles at zero, that also will prevent this new feature from working.

Very cool so far, but I'd like the ability to have enemy skirmish/spawn only when I kill civilians, rather than a minimum of one squad at a time PLUS a squad per civilian killed.  Then when adding something like insurgents to the list of allowed enemy spawn types, I can have the 'stirring up the hornet nest' phenomenon if I'm careless.

Maybe have it so if you put the length of time it takes before they are spawned to zero as overriding the auto spawning of skirmish units, while also increasing the allowable length up to like 10 or 20 minutes if we do want some auto spawning of them but delayed, might be a good solution.  That way if you kill a civilian, more enemies would still spawn.

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Hi everyone,


Sorry for being off the tools recently. I posted a brief explanation on the Steam TPW MODS page, but I'll go into a little more depth here.


Basically it boils down to a bit of a conundrum I'm facing since the release of Reforger. I bought into Reforger with my eyes wide open and certainly don't subscribe the the delusional negative comments being bandied around by a handful of malcontents on Steam. As a tech demo it was probably overpriced, but $ I was happy to spend to help move my franchise of choice out of the 2000s and into the 2020s.To me, Reforger represents such a massive leap forward in terms of audiovisuals, environmental immersion and performance  that it makes it very difficult to go back to the distinctly last gen visuals and atrocious performance of A3. On the other hand, the incredible depth of Arma3 and its huge range of official and 3rd party mods and content make it very difficult to  handle the austerity and almost total lack of meaningful SP (and its woeful mouse handling) at this stage in Reforger. So I've actually found myself doing neither. I'm not quite prepared to ditch 13+ years of Arma modding to plunge into the the powerful but poorly documented Reforger workbench way of doing things, especially since my mods tend to address shortfalls in the game as I see it, and those shortfalls are not fully defined in Reforger yet. But at the same time I'm not sure how long I should persist with my A3 modding for a platform that is increasingly being abandoned by other modders keen to realise their talents in a more appealing engine. Sigh.


Anyway, I think I will pick up the A3 modding again in the near future and keep an eye and a sense of cautious optimism out for Reforger. I'm sincerely hoping that this time around BI doesn't squander the chance (as they did for Arma3) to use early access as a platform to make meaningful engine level changes to Reforger and Arma4, instead of just rushing to bang out content. I'm also hoping that they don't just rely on modders to address shortfalls in the game content and systems.


Lastly, TPW MODS recently joined the vaunted 10000+ subscribers club, and I'm very grateful to all of you for your support and feedback. Speaking of which, I will go back over the last few months of comments with an eye to addressing some suggestions in the shortish term.





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4 hours ago, tpw said:

"I'm also hoping that they don't just rely on modders to address shortfalls in the game content and systems."

Hi TPW, I´m dropping by (I still use an older version of TPW from mid2017, cus I can´t play without older HUD and FALL and some minor modules, anyways, I guess your mods will be used on A3 even without weekly/monthly support, and I say it not to demotivate you, but to assert that it is essential for SP and you have a truckload of fans here and on steam... ) just to highlight this line from your post, and acknowledge that BIS posted a roadmap today and some of the current most popular mods will be replaced by official content (such as VZ58 riffles, Colt 4x30 scope, PASGT vest, working bipods, better medical systems, etc) so I guess your hopes may come true (I mean, our hopes too)
At least there will be more SP content by Q4 they´ve promissed lol (I want to control a squad so I can frickin´ take an enemy HQ without respawning a hundred times 😃
But as some blank spaces will still be left uncheck by BIS, I hope your future TPW mod for A4 will take care of that (without a long list of features as of now)


Cheers and Kudos, keep up the great work 😉


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