Hi guys, I've done a lot of googling before posting but I don't succeed to make it work. So the thing I would like to do is the following : 1) Spawn a vehicle in the air 2) Attach a parachute to the vehicle. For the first step I make it doing this (and it works) : _vehicle = "C_SUV_01_F" createVehicle (getPos player); _vehicle setPosATL (_vehicle modelToWorld[0,0,200]); But when I want to attach a parachute to that vehicle it just does nothing; I tried to attach parachute doing this : _parachute = "ParachuteMediumWest" createVehicle (getpos _vehicle); _parachute setpos (_vehicle ModelToWorld [0,0,3]); _vehicle attachTo [_parachute, [0, 0, 0]]; When I run this code it does nothing : I don't see the parachute deploying. Any idea ? I really really would like to make it by scripting and not using the "supplyDrop BIS function". Thanks.