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[WIP] Kepler69c

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Kepler69c is a new terrain i have been working on the past three months. It will be my first terrain for ArmA, it is still very early in development as i need to make it look as realistic as possible.

I started this terrain because i needed something different from Altis & Stratis for a Mod i'm working on.

Kepler69c is an Earth-like planet, while in reality life is not possible for humans on kepler let's just say that terraforming is possible in 2135.

General informations :

  • Size : 20480x20480 (419km²)
  • Cell size : 10m (for better performance)
  • Land % : ~70%

Features :

  • Rivers
  • One big mountain (1600m peak)
  • Hills
  • small islands all around (7)
  • A volcano
  • A canyon (will be epic)
  • 5 Different biomes ATM (Desert,Red Desert,Temperate,Volcano,Snow Mountain)

Screenshots :

Note : View distance is set to 12000m, it makes things looks odd and tiny.


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I bet its very optimized right now?

Well right now there are no objects at all so it's quite optimized ^^

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