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Ipad Mini Arma Tactics Bugs

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Okay, First of all, this game rocks and I love this game very much. :yay: I just downloaded this game 6 hours ago and since then I've been playing it on my Ipad mini nonstop. After awhile, I have noticed some few bugs:

1. While playing the Boot Camp: Basic Tutorial 1st time, the app crashed after about 5 minutes of playing. It happened again after doing it 4th time.

2. While playing the Boot Camp: Move!, the app also crashed after several minutes of playing.

3. While doing several campaigns and missions, game also crashes randomly.

4. I also noticed that the game Lags on some details of terrain. Particularly when then screen intercepts both inner buildings and the open field.


When equipping my operatives with 2 med packs, after doing a mission, one med pack is missing even though I didn't use it. It keeps me spending for med packs which I am not using in every mission. I am not sure if this is a bug or is it just the way things are. :confused:

Good thing this game features auto save... :icon_dj: Well that's all, I hope something will be done or be clarified to us gamers..

Cheers! :beeeers:

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We have been working hard to fix iOS version asap we have noticed this issue. The approval process at Apple took 8 days. Current online version should be fine.

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