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Anybody Want to Partner Up On Scripting/Editing A Mission?

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If this is in the wrong place, I'm sorry!

Concerning scripting and mission editing, I'm looking for anybody who might be interested in helping me out with a mission I've been working on.

The mission is a continuous game-play sandbox style mission.

What I have already implemented:

- You can spawn as Bluefor or Opfor.

- If blufor, you spawn inside a concentration camp (currently only one camp, plan to add 2 to 3 more across the island).

- Spawning blufor currently means that you spawn as captive, so enemies won't fire upon you.

- Enemies will no longer consider you captive upon leaving the concentration camp OR being spotted with a weapon in hand.

- Loot spawns in buildings.

- If player finds a radio, he is given an option to create a camp.

- if player creates a camp, he is assigned missions to accomplish which will "help free the island of military presence." (the missions spawn random patrols throughout the island or special missions which are currently just sniper missions)

- (I plan to have other players be able to join another players group via addAction on a camp but don't have it working yet)

- I plan to use EOS and UPSMON to populate the maps towns/bases.

- An informant system. There are civilian units placed in towns and if spotted a bluFor player, a marker is placed on maps to reveal position to Opfor.

- Plan to have a sympathizer system where civilian units will help blufor in some way.

- Plan to have opfor spawn where they choose (in concentration camps to guard or on military bases where they're free to patrol the map, collecting or killing escaped bluFor)

Here is a brief summary/story setting written by a friend:

During the last ten years, an influx of Christians have populated the Greek islands. Recently, the Iranian government has begun an ethnic cleansing project on Stratis and Altis. Christians have been collected and placed in concentration camps scattered across the islands. Upon realizing their fate, detainees began to escape, form rebel camps, and fight back against their Iranian captors. The rebels hope to suppress the Iranian military long enough to invoke action by the United Nations. Currently, certain democratic countries have sent aid to the rebels in the form of basic supplies and weapons, but have done so covertly. Most free citizens are allied with the Iranian government, however, a small number of Christian sympathizers exist. The rebellion has had a significant impact on the Iranian's progress. Therefore, Iranian reinforcements are patrolling the island in an effort to capture or kill any Christian rebels. Furthermore, the Iranians fear further uprising and maintain strict discipline within the concentration camps to prevent prisoner escape. As a detainee, your goal is to Survive, Escape, Resist, and Evade. Gather weapons, supplies, and form rebel camps to fight back against the captors with guerrilla tactics and take back your island!

If anyone is interested you can PM me on here and I can link you to a Zip file of the mission folder.

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Hey, i'd love to help you out! I'm not the best at scripting, so I won't be able to do that, but I can do odd jobs like making a camp or filling in unit descriptions for the MP selection screen.

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