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Comp_uter15776's Mission Thread

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Hello all! Today I proudly release a series of mini-missions, independent of each other and should last on average anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how skilled, how lucky, and how difficult the mission(s) you select is/are. Difficulty is based from one star, (easiest difficulty, *) to three (hardest difficulty, ***).

There are 7 of these scenarios as current, I have plans to add 3 more for the near future and maybe some more after that! I'll also keep my Ghost Hawk Down and SC missions here too to keep everything centralized and nice and tidy so there isn't a 1000 threads created. The download links are all at the bottom of the thread, even the GHD and SC missions.

So, let's start!



Type: Armoured Attack

Player: AMV-7 Marshall (Gunner)

Difficulty: *


Type: Stealth

Player: Paratrooper

Difficulty: *


Type: Escape

Player: Helicopter Pilot

Difficulty: ***


Type: Hit and Run

Player: Speedboat Minigun (Commander)

Difficulty: **


Type: Stealth

Player: SEAL (Diver)

Difficulty: **


Type: Sabotage

Player: Commando

Difficulty: **


Type: Assassination

Player: Sniper

Difficulty: *

Plans for next missions include 2x*** and 1x*.

Please read the info snippet for each mission that's below before starting, it contains highly useful information!

ArmAShort1: You begin as an AMV-7 Marshall Gunner, to attack a town and surrounding area full of the enemy. Only, things go bad to worse when they counterattack...

ArmAShort2: A new enemy outpost has just been set up in a nearby village. Take out the guards and vehicles and they'll never know what hit them.

ArmAShort3: Your helicopter was downed. Your crewmate killed. Things look to be set to go the same way for you...

ArmAShort4: Perform a surprise raid on an enemy training exercise and damage the enemy fleet beyond repair!

ArmAShort5: You must stealthily locate the enemy prototype helicopter before its trials on our troops tomorrow!

ArmAShort6: Sabotage the enemy supplies and then quickly escape before the enemy know what's happened.

ArmAShort7: Word has it a highly important enemy General is meeting one of his best subordinates. Take them out.

---So that's the missions, really! They're all SP only for now, and I apologise if things don't work correctly how they should - I did try to ensure everything worked as said but if it doesn't, please tell me and I shall look into it. Don't forget to follow the markers on the map either, they're extremely useful.---




Today I bring you my very first public mission; Ghost Hawk Down! It was originally an imitation of sequences from the Black Hawk Down movie, as well as the real Battle of Mogadishu (1993), but it evolved a bit and I swapped bits in and out, or modified parts.

This mission sees you back on the 3rd October, 1993, where local militia in the Agia Marina area have began to close in on the desperate crew and elements of the 75th Ranger Regiment (Bravo Company) with unrelenting force. You are the Delta Team, finally given permission to begin a support mission after being denied twice. You should use your marksmanship abilities and high powered rifles to your advantage, and to reach the crew in time. Be warned though, the militia are both plentiful and heavily armed! Only your training will be able to beat them.

Once you have secured the crew, you are required to protect them until backup arrives. Once it does, evacuate with them safely to the UN Safe Zone at Stratis Airbase.

Alternatively, you can take on the role of the reinforcements, who must transit to the aid of the SFOD-D element and provide direct fire support, before retreating with the allied forces back to the UN Safe Zone.

This scenario arrives in 4 variants, two are MP and two are SP. They are then split up further between "with hints" and "without hints", the latter being more difficult. HOWEVER, without hints means the gameplay may be broken due to the nature of this complicated scenario. The reason for its complexity is purely due to the AI and probably my novice skills, but it I found it extremely hard to manipulate the AI thoroughly and to do what it needed to when it should.

This mission is a bit scripted (by a bit, I mean, more than most missions are typically) in order to preserve the storyline that is of the Mogadishu Battle and the film. So, unfortunately, the filesizes are a hefty 9MB per mission.

Spawning, Armament, Success/Failure:

You only get one shot at this or else the mission will fail (if all three squad members die). If both crew members die, you will also fail. The way to succeed is through making it back to the Safe Zone with the crew. You will also fail if you do not reach the crew within 3 minutes of ingress (being landed). Your armament is fixed, I am looking at VAS potentially for another version, however for now, you should be using the loadout which I designed specifically for this mission and increases the realism and connection to Black Hawk Down (similar loadout to Gordon and Shugarts')

Final Words and EDITING:

I am distributing this under a Creative Commons license to protect the shape of this mission. All I truly ask is you contact me about modifying the mission first, chances are I'll say yes but it is good to have some contact before! I won't stop you though if you do not, I haven't encrypted the PBOs so you should be able to adapt them fairly easily. However, I thought ArmA players were chivalrous, right?


Please leave feedback on anything I've mentioned, or anything to do with the mission at all. Included in the ZIP Archive of 4 missions is additionally the legal document and a readme, THIS IS VERY USEFUL. Please read it as it contains answers to practically everything you'll ever want to know! (No, not the meaning of life.)


Comp_uter15776 (Harry)



19th July, 2013 - VERSION 2 - Fixed DoFollow.sqf error and associated joining squad perms, updated a few items in the readme.

20th July, 2013 - VERSION 2r1 - Permanently fixed DoFollow.sqf error (at last!), increased regroup trigger range.

16th August, 2013 - VERSION 3 - Major updates. MP gains UAV Operator with AR-2 Drones (for making Co-op easier). GHD now becomes DEV-only, so no stable builds. 3rd vehicle in convoy (AMV-7 Marshall) is now another Panther. Gameplay generally sorted out a bit to better overcome ArmA limitations. Fixed load screen/overview and briefing. Fixed missing file LoadScreen.paa/LoadScreen_ca.paa. Version 3.0 also should fix the intermittent mission endings for no apparent reason.





I bring you my second public mission in the form of a new Sector Control mode. I've slogged away for the whole of a day, and although taking less time than I did on GHD, I can assure you it has been no less challenging, or pleasurable. This mission features 5 locations, BLUFOR holding the airbase and OPFOR at Kamino. Each team has 200 tickets, this will count down automatically upon gaining or losing sectors. The maximum tick is 5/minute (that's 1 ticket every minute if you held each base), and there are a few units at the bases to aid your travels.

These are; for BLUFOR:

2x CH-49 Mohawk (no GH's for balancing purposes, I didn't want to have to put in Orcas with DAGRs)

2x Hunter (no wep)

1x Quadbike


2x PO-30 Orca (Black version)

2x Ifrit (no wep)

1x Quadbike

I would just like to take the time now to say this was a requested mission and these were the units and locations stated. If you would like your own flavour of this mission, I encourage you to do one of two things:

a) Open up the PBOs for yourself (I never encrypt them) and take a look at how I've set mine up, or:

b) Ask politely in PM for me to tweak it for you.

Again, this is distributed under CC License with Attributing and Share-Alike. If you do wish to modify my mission(s), I am perfectly fine for you to do so, but please just PM me first, I will probably say yes anyway though. If you would leave in the original author and other identifying information that would be perfect too. IF you have any doubts, just PM and I shall be happy to talk it over with you.




Runs Stable or Dev ONLY.

Please reply with anything you could think I could do better, or what you think I did well! It's all part of the learning experience :) (Just try and be constructive)


23rd July 2013 - V1.0 - RELEASE

31st July 2013 - V2.0 - See the post below made today as well.

Known Issues:

All fixed! Please let me know if there are any issues in via this thread, though.


TheDennis for the mission idea (that's where the PBO filename is from)

BIS for creating the platform upon which these missions are created

Tonic for his VAS

Someone (sorry, I forget who) for their vehicle respawn script

F2k Sel, dr_strangepete and Kylania for being patient with me (as ever)

Kaijev for being my lovely Guinea Pig (teehee, it's funny because you're Australian <3)

Anyone else whom may have slipped my mind at the moment


ArmAShort missions (Complete pack) V1

Ghost Hawk Down V3

5 Sector SC Mission V2

Edited by Comp_uter15776

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Here are my experiences with ArmAShort 1

Just a "bare bones" mission because the briefing is rather sparse, there is no proper overview and no cinematics. The mission itself is a surprise because after a short while, you end up as Blackfoot gunner, instead of APC gunner - helo gunner is a rare role to be played so I had much fun. The only problem is that the mission does not end once the last enemy is dead.

ArmAShort 3

This is a kind of WTF? mission, sorry to say that. There are a handful of heavily armed guards all around me which I can shoot without a problem. But then I cannot escape a crossfire of Ifrit cars all around me as second line of defence. Running away as an alternative strategy triggers the troops to shoot and kill me, so I am pretty much out of options here.

ArmAShort 4

Very simple, just shooting up some boats, most of them sitting on the shore... but yet the role of maritime gunner is one rarely featured in mission, so this mission has its place in this pack.

ArmaShort 6

Easy yet immersive mission where you parachute into a castle, kill a few quards and destroy an Ifrit before exfiltrating through a larger city and reaching a boat. This one has no bugs other than the briefing should be initiated before mission start (to avoid splashing into the ground while orienting oneself at mission start).

ArmAShort 2

I am stuck in the city and pinned down right now, need to retry, this mission might have more potential

ArmAShort 5

Well, need to re-try this one again. As a rule, it is not the brightest strategy to attack from a point beyond a perfect enemy vantage point (tower)

ArmAShort 7

I climb up on the tower but the briefing does not tell me to look for my two HVT sniper targets. Duh!


After considerable spit and polish (especially for the briefings) and some missions this one could be the perfect showcase pack for A3's different roles and locations - one to tie your friends into the ArmA world - so please update this pack.

Ghosthawk down V3HM

Tried the first version of this package, missing any info on how the missions are different from each other (this could be featured in the Overview).

The briefing is informative, yet if fails to be updated (objectives ticked off) in the course of the mission which should be improved.

The mission itself is great fun, with the musical score from Black Hawk Down (I think) providing ample immersion. The mission is a bit on the easy side, but to me this is a good thing since I am still coping with improved AI since ArmA2. It ends once the pilots have boarded one of the convoy vehicles.

Nice little mission, could have a few find tuning touches regarding the briefing, but all else is well executed.

Edited by Mathias_Eichinger
Adding additional info

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Wow! I happened to miss this :( I'm very sorry to see these comments go un-replied. I appreciate some of the missions are rough around the edges. I am going to be refining all these listed here when summer vacation starts around the 23rd of July (this year! ;)). I will hold off speaking on those as what you said seems to be very fair and as these were made a while back some things could be less than what I remember them being.

I also have some more ideas lined up verrrry shortly, including updating the pack, so I hope you'll bear with me!

Kind regards,


P.S. Ghosthawk down is actually regarded atm as a stress test as the amount of AI, triggers and syncing is unbelievable! Still, I'll fix it soon!

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