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Grenades and other throwables, alternate design

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This is an idea for how grenades (and other throwable objects) could be utilized differently for player characters in ArmA 3. Currently the 'G' key fires the currently selected throwable ('Ctrl-G') when pressed. While simple and usable, I believe this scheme has several disadvantages that another likewise simple and consistent method could provide.

Current advantages:

1. Very simple.

2. Expedient (perhaps too much so)

Current disadvantages:

1. 'G' is a key that historically opened the gear/inventory, a problem that will diminish as time passes.

2. Provides little to no safety for accidental use.

3. Currently has no strength or vector control for delivery.

4. Inconsistent with other firing types (rifles).

A new scheme is suggested wherein pressing a grenade key places the selected throwable into your hands to be thrown by conventional firing controls. The benefits are:

A. Confirmation of throwable visually before use

B. Utilizes conventional fire keys (Mouse0)

C. Provides opportunity for modification prior to use (pull pin, set fuze, adjust aiming path, crack chemlight, arm extended aiming, etc. as imagination allows)

D. Prevents one-key accidental use

E. Un-expedients throwable use sligthly (if desirable)

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