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[SP/COOP 40] La Légion saute sur Kolwezi

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Description :

In May 1978, an uprising took place in Katanga against dictator Mobutu. On 11 May, a 3,000 to 4,000 man strong Katangan rebel group arrived, accompanied by the 2nd Cuban Division; departing from Angola, it had crossed neutral Zambia. Upon arriving, they took about 3,000 Europeans as hostages and carried out various executions, particularly after the intervention of Zairian paratroopers on 18. A Panhard AML 60 group of the Zairian Army rallied the rebels.

Between 90 to 280 Europeans were killed. Dictator Mobutu requested foreign assistance from Belgium, France and the USA.

May 17, Colonel Philippe Erulin, commander of the 2nd REP (Foreign Parachute Regiment) was ordered to prepare. The second REP joined Solenzara Air Base on May 18. The mission entrusted by the President of the Republic is to jump on Kolwezi to rescue hundreds of hostages of all nationalities. May 19, after four hours flight from Kinshasa, the legionnaires are dropped on Kolwezi...

- Wikipedia

More information on the battle :



Features :

- Voice acting

- High-Command system

- Based on true story

- Intro available for SP only

- Require team spirit

- If an objective is not activated, it is that there are still enemies in the area

- English and French translations

- Weapons selection in the briefing

Map :


Installation :

Put the PBO file in :

Programs/Bohemia Interactive/ArmA 2 (OA)/Missions (or MPMissions)

Addons required :

Lingor Units 1.3

Lingor Island 1.5

Community Base Addons

Operation Frenchpoint 3.2

ArmA 2 Combined Operation is necessary.

Notes :

This mission, based on true story, has the ability to be playable in Solo or in COOP over 40 players, without affecting the progress of the mission. However, here is some useful information.

In Solo : You play as Colonel Philippe Erulin, Force Commander of the 2nd REP. Only the Colonel is playable, and you lead the different companies towards the assigned objectives thank to the High-Command module, by the keys "Ctrl+Space". The units won't go by themselves to the objectives, you have to give them orders. Companies leaders are invincible and follow your orders.

In Multiplayer : All the legionnaires are playable, but the Colonel Philippe Erulin, and the team leaders must be humans. If one of the leader is AI, it will be invincible. Team leaders must follow orders coming from the Colonel Erulin, under penalty of mission failure. If one of the humans officers is killed, the mission will be a failure.

Credits :

- 2nd REP Legionnaires for the blood and the sweat they gave to save people !

- IceBreakr for his wonderful map !

- Kronzky for his Urban Patrol Script.

- twirly for his african faces script.

- Arto from Indochine mod for giving his voice.

- clark17 and his father for giving their voices.

Size of the zip file : 7.22 Mo

Size of the pbo file : 7.73 Mo

Changelog :

Version 1.2

- New : African faces for OPFOR

- New : Notes about Support

- New : Notes about High Command system

- Fixed : bug at the end of the intro

- Fixed : soldiers have now classical FAMAS F1 without optic

- Changed : AI behaviour

Version 1.1

- New : RWO Standard

- Fixed : AI skill

- Fixed : Problem with markers

- Fixed : AI Units spawning in locked building

Version 1.0

- Initial release

Edited by TigerForce

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Very nice work, with nice sounds coming from the movie, and high command in SP. I love it, congrats :)

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Downloading now!


Could you please consider making this RWO standard?

It's real easy and either h34dup or myself and give you assistance.

Basically, you just need a link from the net to help players get more information about the story

and an in-game pic with the RWO stamp on it.

The production of the mission is still yours and your group's.

This mission is perfect for RWO.

You can find info here. We only wish to encourage more missions based on real stories such as yours.


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I am halfway through this mission and enjoying it very much.

Thanks for your hard efforts in bringing us this informative mission and also, thank you for another addition to RWO!

I hope others will be inspired by your mission to learn from it and make some themselves.


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I was just reading something about Kolwezi recently, I would definitely give this one a re-play if only just to see the new updates like the faces for OPFOR in-place.

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Hey, seems like that I am the first to give a proper beta test.

Overview and Briefing

Very well made, lots of information and a very extensive weapons selection. Nothing to complain here.


Another piece of expert design - camera angles are perfect as is the french voice-over (film outtake?).


It started out at the airport and there were many targets to take down and hostages to be liberated - I won't spoil the exact course of the mission, but this was one mission where commanding whole companies across extensive urban terrain was great fun, and there were some really close shaves where the enemy had pinned me down until my men came to the rescue.

However, the mission did not end due to a bug. After the very last objective (the suburbs in the southwest area) are clear (white font and French flag), there is an attack by 3 truck-borne infantry squads. Once the infantry squads are down, the own forces refuse to receive any command menu orders, and there are no additional radio messages. This point feels like it is the end of the mission, yet the mission itself does never end. Shame, really since it is such a great mission in every other aspect.

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