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Random stutter + slowing down

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Sorry for creating another thread with similiar problems to others.

My pc is not top of the line, but it should be able to handle Arma 3.


CPU: Amd 1100T 6 cores @4.0ghz

RAM: 16gb G-Skill

HARD DRIVE: 2 Crucial M4 SSD in Raid 0

GFX: 2 HD6950 2gb in Crossfire @ 880/1350







In this video clip, its just a small section from a 40min recording.

The cpu never went above 23% and the gfx cards hover around 20% to 30%

The fps just drop down to 10fps and the screen goes into a slideshow.

Fraps records to a separate Raid 0 setup, as I have 4 SSD Hard Drives in 2 Raid 0 config.

Also 1 legacy hard drive for backups.


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This freezing is what I'm having trouble with. It doesn't appear to be a performance issue, it's a bug of some sort.

Tried various suggestions but nothing's worked so far.

Windows 7

Intel i7-2700k @ 3.5Ghz

8GB Ram

Radeon 6900

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I have had this same issue with Arma 3 since the beta. My FPS is generally around mid 30s, but when I play for ~45 minutes to an hour, my FPS will suddenly drop to around 10 when I look around or press any keys. However, if I don't press a key or look around, it will go back to normal (but it resumes if I press a key/look around).

Today, I decided to record the CPU usage and memory using Performance Monitor. Here is what it looked like (the FPS dropping starts to happen at 2:14:35 PM):


The 'IO Read Operations/sec', 'Cache Faults/sec', and '% Privileged Time' all shoot up VERY high, while '% Idle Time' and '% C3 Time' both take a very steep drop. Afterwards, the log looks like it goes back to normal, but the FPS drops in-game still continue until I restart my client.


Intel Xeon E3-1230v2

GTX 570

16 gb RAM

Win 8

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Ive done a format today and the game seems to run a lot better.

My framerates have improved and next to no stutter.

The only difference Ive done is,

Re-download the whole game

In graphics settings, put it all to standard

Changed screen size to 1920x1080 [16:9]

ratio 16:9 wide

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for me, it's anything but random. i can pinpoint some things that cause it, i'm sure there are other factors but hopefully we can narrow it down gradually.

the game usually takes awhile to load the terrain textures right after you enter the level. you have to spin around slowly to make the game load the surrounding areas as well. this causes some stuttering as each quadrant is loaded. i find i can improve it a little bit by going into map right after entering the game zooming out and letting the white squares load for awhile.

but if you reach a new area, maybe traveled for a bit and a new quadrant gets streamed in, then it starts stuttering again. terrain, not so much, but buildings, definitely.

so i think maybe building lods aren't optimized? maybe the game needs an even lower lod level with an even more basic mesh? because the objects/buildings in the game is a definite stutter causer in my experience. i'm on low object detail btw.

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I am not a graphics expert but there are few things I know from playing this for years. (Might not be 100% correct)

1. The game permanenetly loads an area around (lets say 1 km). So no matter how fast you turn it doesn´t have effect since everything in range is already loaded up. This can case shuttering at high speeds in low altitude since the area it loads is more or less sphere.

2. Areas you have been to seems to be kept stored in some way so they do not have to load again from scratch (including game objets like tanks). This caused me a permanent performance drop (till game was restarted or command to reload memory entered) after prolonged session of ARMA 2 warfare missions or ARMA 1 Evolution map.

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