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Modules that make civilians live life in the city of altis

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Altis looks like huge island with no human left.

I think there should be something to make civilians and civilian vehicles to live life in Altis.

something like civilians in the gta :)

For example,

1. civilians wander around the city

2. cargo trucks move between factories to factories.

3. civilian buses move between city to city.

4. civilian cars move in the highway.

5. civilian boat move between harbor to harbor.

6. hikers hiking in the mountains.

7. civilian planes that moves between airport to airport.

It will be fun if these things can be possible and can be ON/OFF.

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And there's the lovely thing about arma above my post.

The community will focus on the fine tuning, the devs just need to push out proper content (Weapons, Vehicles, Maps)

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